State of Decay 2 has a new developer, as Undead Labs continues to create State of Decay 3

More than 5 years have passed since the developer Undead Labs has released State of Decay 2, A game of survival on the topic of zombies, for the Xbox and PC platforms.

Today is the company Undead Labs, Acquired Microsoft shortly after the launch of State of Decay 2, announced a new free update for the game, but it will be mainly created by the new team of developers.

The Xbox Wire report announced that the British Wushu Studios will continue the development and support of State of Decay 2, since most of Undead Labs is working on a previously announced State of Decay 3. The first free update will be released on September 18.

This update adds to State of Decay 2 what is called “Crooked balls”, and is intended for gamers who, after a while, the game may seem repeated.

The new menu will periodically appear crooked balls – each with their own narrative – offering new goals, rewards, types of enemies and much more. The curve ball can be positive (for example, the search for increased production) or negative (for example, strengthening ordinary zombies in several ways); They can be temporary or objective; they can affect enemies, your survivors or other NPCs. In fact, any element of the game with which you may have mastered, maybe it will often change.

These changes will also be extended to zombies in the game. “Crooked balls” They can force the undead to make stronger attacks, improve vision and hearing, and even make them explode or “carry a stench that suffers and exhausts the endurance of any survivor, located close”. Crooked balls can also weaken zombies.

Despite the update of State of Decay 2, Undead Labs is still working on the next game game – State of Decay 3. This was first announced in 2020, but since then there was no information about the status of the game.

Rockstar allegedly began to send letters with the “details and dates” of the Speed ​​announcement GTA 6

A decade has passed since the release of GTA 5, and now several days have remained before Rockstar Games will finally represent the GTA 6, and it is almost impossible to restrain your excitement. Apparently, Rockstar Games is no less excited, because she began to send emails to players to advertise the upcoming trailer.

Member of the QA Capcom USA team, known as Nima On X, said he received a letter from Rockstar Games regarding the upcoming announcement GTA 6. NIMA did not report any details about the letter, except for the name of the sender – RGSYNC PR, as well as the headline "[Important] disclosure of the next chapter".

The user added that the letter contains some "Details and dates" Regarding the upcoming announcement. He refused to lay out the full version of the letter, but it is possible that the information will somehow get into the network.

At first glance, it may seem unusual that Rockstar Games sends a letter to the Capcom USA employee about one of his games. However, these two companies connect a long -standing relationship: from 2003 to 2008, Capcom was engaged in the publication of all GTA games, starting with GTA 3 to GTA 4, in Japan. NIMA belonging to Capcom USA may also be a random coincidence, and they are included in the list of journalists of the developer company, compiled even before their current work. If you look at its account on X, you can find messages about receiving copies of reviews for testing games such as Saints Row.

Given the such meager information provided by NIMA, and the absence of other cases of sending such letters to other people at the moment, it is difficult to verify the reliability of the message. However, the communication of competing studios with each other is not something unusual, since this helps both parties plan releases so that they do not conflict with other games.

Rockstar Games has not yet made an official statement about when GTA 6 is presented, saying only that this will happen in early December. Many indicate the Game Awards ceremony, which will take place on December 6. This will be a great site for Rockstar Games to release the trailer, perhaps the most long -awaited game of all time, but the company can also decide to release it earlier, since the franchise is quite popular, and it does not need to use another site to attract attention.

The author of Fallout and Arcanum Tim Kane talked a little about how The Outer Worlds was created

The creator of Fallout Tim Kane tells that the game The Outer Worlds was created with the calculation of casual RPG players, and discusses the main idea of ​​the FPS space simulator.

Tim Kane, the creator and leading programmer of the Fallout series and one of the directors of The Outer Worlds, says that the last cosmic role -playing game of Obsidian was created taking into account the mainstream and casual role -playing games.

The Outer Worlds is a first -person fantastic shooter/RPG, which relies on the strengths of Fallout New Vegas and at the same time creates a new IP. The game has almost everything that gamers knew and loved about New Vegas and modern games of Fallout, but with a characteristic appearance and sensation of Obsidian.

It was planned on purpose. According to Tim Kane, the Outer Worlds Coiner, the science fiction role-playing game was designed for a more mass audience. In a recent video on his channel, Kane talks about the development of good game settings and how this advice relates to The Outer Worlds. And he also says that the main elevator Peter The Outer Worlds was "Fallout meets Firefly".

The next question is only if you are worried about sales, or demography, or coverage of your game, or any of these things are imposed on you by people who gave you money first, namely: how much Mainstimova is your idea? Fallout. Arcanum. We have never asked this question. We just made a game for each other. The Outer Worlds created different. One of the things that I was told at the very beginning: we want casual players, casual players in RPG, we want to play this. This changes the situation, changes what you enter the game. Many people perceive it like "Oh, you muffled this, you muffled everything". No. You may have complex things, whether it is a plot, setting or mechanics, you just need. how to reduce the slope. The view from the top of the mountain is equally magnificent regardless of whether you rose to it or drove up by car. Some people value it more if they climb to the top, but I appreciate the fact that I can drive up by car and enjoy the view without risk to die.

This is a rather interesting point of view. And the Obsidian plan turned out to be very successful. More than 3 million copies have been sold from the moment of launching the game The Outer Worlds.

Thief: The Dark Project turned 25 years old – the game received a major fan addition

Doom. Half-Life. Civilization. Age of Empires. Diablo. When you think about games that determine the history of the PC, hits, epoch -making releases that have fixed the status of the house of innovative creativity immediately come to mind. The middle and end of the 90s were the most important era for PC games, thanks to not only Valve, ID Software and Firaxis, but also less noticeable studios, such as Looking Glass.

One of the best games from ever created, Thief the Dark Project is the core of the talent of these developers and was released 25 years ago. And now she has a new huge extension, created with fans and accessible for the game right now.

According to people of acquaintances with EIDOS workers at a time when Thief was in development, no one was sure to like it whether to people or not. She really was so unique. There were other stealth games before her, for example, the Metal Gear series (Metal Gear Solid also released in 1998). But it feels like nothing could be compared with the game about theft from the first person.

Thief was unique and made you a vulnerable, not armed to the teeth, a murder car. One wrong movement at the level – and. Well, here you are for a short time and received a quick action, running in level, like a headless chicken, in the hope of finding a safe place where you will not find a guard, where (if successful) you could lurk and wait until your heart Will not stop pounding.

25 years after its appearance, Thief the Dark Project remains the main milestone in the development of stealth games and the then nasocated genre of immersive simulators. The game is now returning to a bright life thanks to the ambitious fan of DLC.

Created by Feuillade Industries, The Black Parade is a huge unofficial extension for Thief the Dark Project. Developed for seven years, it is, in fact, a completely new Thief game, adding new missions, characters, dialogs, mechanics and much more. You have a new protagonist. You have ten full -fledged missions with the open world. In the game 28 fully voiced characters. There are even a few completely original characters. You can download the addition for free from our site.

In addition, the entire game system was corrected and processed in accordance with the plot of The Black Parade and its central character Hum. Hum is not as inconspicuous as Garrett, so the guards will notice you if you encounter them, even if you are hiding in the shade. In addition, the steps of Hum emit more or less noise depending on the type of metal. This is a very detailed, very devoted love letter to one of the greatest games on the PC.

NVIDIA showed the new Black Myth: Wukong gameplay

Black Myth: Wukong announcement found many of us by surprise. Developed by the Chinese team, the game is something similar to the Souls series and with every new video and information won more and more fans, and this is not surprising. Despite a few delays, the game is still one of the most anticipated by gamers thanks to the stunning visual design and the game process, which seems to be a lot of joy. And, of course, last night as part of the Opening Night Live at the Gamescom 2023 exhibition, a new presentation of the game took place.

And today, NVIDIA has shown another gameplay trailer for the PC version using the DLSS 3 APSKAILER – today’s video devoted to demonstration of battles with several bosses.

Black Myth: Wukong will come out for PC and "current generation consoles" In the summer of 2024

Beautiful and interesting setting, but here are strange hits

Only the numbers of damage strain. The rest is great

Surely it will be possible to disable the interface settings.

The bosses need to make a strip on the full screen) 10 hourly version with the boss to knock out all the nonsense from a diligent gamer)

Advertising 30 FPS but an expensive modern video card Nvidia where?

"NVIDIA showed the new Black Myth: Wukong gameplay"

Well done Chinese, games should be Not only interesting, But, at the same time beautiful. About the interesting thing, it will be clear only After the release of the game, And beautifulness, it is clear that the Chinese are trying and this is perhaps better than that of many Japanese and Western companies that make many, many AAAAAAAAAAs products. I hope the Chinese will succeed, and we we get a really interesting and dozen beautiful game, and what is done using game buns from NVIDIA – leader of the market of gaming video cards, only adds in this confidence, but, wait, we will see. In any case, to the top of the list of desired in Steam, the game is added, the iron is completely ready, so it remains to wait and see when the game comes out, whether the Chinese succeeds, but even now Respect They because they Trying and trying to make this game.

Another game with a sponsorship of Nvidka. There will be no optimization.

There will be 30 symbolic fps!

I will give an obvious advice – for good optimization in new games, I need no less good computer. Do not thank!

I will give an obvious remark, to users 4090 this did not help to play without DLSS in the belnant 2 in 4K, in which there are not even rays. Do not answer!

Silent Hill 2 remake will be the first major example of the new direction of Bloober Team Studio

It is reported that Layers of Fear was the last game of the developer, which goes to what he calls "Bloober Team 3.0".

With Layers of Fear behind, Bloober Team is reported, enters into a new era. The studio continues to work on creating a Silent Hill 2 remake, but at the same time leaves the usual games in the genre of the psychological horror. In a recent interview, Bloober Team said that Silent Hill 2 will become the first chapter of what the developer called "Bloober Team 3.0": transition to games in the genre "Horror for the mass market".

Bloober shared the details of this transition in a recent interview with Engadget, in which the studio discussed Layers of Fear, Silent Hill 2 and the future of the studio. Reportedly, Bloober Team has passed after several stages from the moment of its formation. Layers of Fear was the final stage, which received the internal name "Bloober Team 2.0". Bloober Team 3.0 seeks to move a little further from the niche psychological horror games that the developer released since the release of the First Layers of Fear in 2016. Planning to release Silent Hill 2 remake in 2023, Bloober wants to go deeper into mainstream games.

"This year seems to close the era of the creation of psychological horror", – The co -founder of the studio Peter Babino said about the transition. "Now we are entering Bloober Team 3.0, making horror for a mass consumer. We focused on the plot, we focused on the mood, we focused on the quality of graphics and music, but we did not pay much attention to the gameplay mechanics. This was not our goal. But we decided that there is a ceiling that we cannot break through if we do not provide something fresh, something new".

Babino claims that Silent Hill 2 will be the first major example of the new direction of the studio. While the studio is working hard on the preparation of the remake, follow the news, for example, the specific release date. Silent Hill 2 is still on the way to launch somewhere in 2023.

CDPR released the last major update for Cyberpunk 2077 and Ultimate Edition

Cyberpunk 2077 received content patch 2.1. This is the last major renewal for role -playing game and CD Projekt Red are fully focused on the development of the sequel and the fourth part of the witcher under the code name Polaris. This does not mean that the game will no longer receive patches, but updates with new content you can no longer wait. The size of the patch on the PC is about 40GB.

Simultaneously with the release of patch 2.1 role -player Cyberpunk 2077 has become available in Ultimate Edition. You can familiarize yourself with a detailed list of all changes here, but here you can see a trailer with all the main changes in patches.

Well, after three years, the game finally got out of early access, as they say every whim for your money.

Here, finally, there was a release of a complete game)

I thought from alpha to Beta went

No did not happen. But how are the beydans, you can buy them, but reproduce them? And much more on the little things, but these little things make an ENT!

eh, launch the same one with a girl who has 3 mouths

Well, go, let’s write out pieces of 20 Brandans and not so pull, but normal, so that it would be interesting and Lorno and add. Such as you do not feed, you will still be hungry. It never occurred to them that they could not endlessly fill the content into cyberpunk and? They have plans for Remaster of the first part of the witcher, the production of 4 parts, the production of the second part of Cyberpan, but in principle, who cares, because some kind of person on the Plaigrand is not satisfied that the brandans bought in the game cannot be watched in the game.

I wish one more plot DLC.

It will not, but it would be nice

That the Witcher 3, that Cyberbag, can be maintained theoretically for a dozen years simply because a huge field for maneuvers and not too beaten genre. Of course, if we mean high -quality DLC

By the way, it seems that the metro really should have been initially – t.To. There are voiced NPC dialogs about the metro, and the stations themselves are voiced in English. T.e. It was all with them for a long time.

After the update, a new bug appeared – "floating mouse" in the menu and in the game itself

And also a bug with hot keys that cannot be reassigned, after a double jerk of vi on the courts sit down and a bunch of other bugs. Everyone broke.

It is necessary to put the internal dead zone on 0.35 so that there is no drift

Hello, please tell me where you can download DLS

Something this last update reminds me.

"CDPR released the last* large update"

It’s still nothing, on the box you need to pump 87 gigs. (

Without DLS, the game now weighs 61 gig in Steam (t.e. Many files are overwritten).

On the torrent there is where? Otherwise I need to whistle dls from there and stuff it in the face.

Yes, I have! On rustorka

There is no yet 2.02

interesting today will appear on the torrent?just specially DLS did not go through the last update to start the game from the very beginning and will completely enjoy

People who come across a torrent under version 2.1 lightcrow, download EP1 and Tweakdb, Tweakdb_ep1 files for DLC

If you can throw it from yesterday, Ishu cannot be found

Pour patch, hard workers

Set up something to the renewal already? There, also with DLS (free) trouble you need to throw files again in the game in order to activate?

So 2.1 is on the disks?

People writes that in the version for PS5 on disk 2.0, I have not seen information about the version for boxing. The publication, by the way, is now simplified – there are no brochures, pictures and paper map in this edition.

Stupidly from side, apparently there is no addition either, then you need to take for XSX if in the collection.

I understand you yourself You are hawing This semi -finished product.

Hello everyone, I have a game in Epic, I downloaded 60GB, a regular edition in the morning, a new update will be given or this is a separate game?

This is a separate game

For some reason there is still no on torrents

I downloaded the DIXEN18 repack on the rutrexer.

Thank you, kind person!

Watch Parse a post with a link to a list of changes? Why isn’t everything in one place? Completed.

Yes, because everyone does not care, why try if PG users are already gloating (judging by likes).

Well, now I will play, I was waiting!)

AT 2.1 DLAA smoothing was removed or something? I do not see in the settings

I have one animation of finishing?

There is a metro, already deserves respect.

It is not worthy of this ugg, the world is dead.

This is better than a conditioned crash game)

Great. Ahead is almost an empty year and it will be possible to play a lot of stupid).

I would not say that it is straight empty: Dragon Age, Avowed, Gothic, someone is a stalker, this is on a vague, and not even few games, there will be something to see)

Now in the guards, which is already 3 years old, play until stupid. Really bad need to be to spend a year on it for a year.

Don’t know. It’s not the same for everybody.Gorgeous game.I have almost 700 hours in Steam.

What should be played then?

But what kind of update to Skyrim is almost 600 meters?

damn and I’m a girl in a cyberpan

Don’t worry. I am also lesbian.

And where is the patch download for the pirate?

Well, torn animations in the gate were, and remained. So far this is what I saw. I started a specialist for a nomad – I hope this fucking quest with a car finally fixed it and I will pass it.

A couple more patches and you can start playing). In the meantime, in Badik, we will pose)

I crossed the game with a new patch from a torrent. Now the bed does not work in the game, the hero does not go to bed, and there are no romantic meetings in the apartment. Maybe someone has come across?

Does anyone have a mini patch for a diploma, so that everything would work after the update?

Miniopatch at 40GB?

I meant something else, when the game was updated the previous time, it stopped starting, wrote an incorrect version, they laid out a patch that does not weigh, the type of activation of DLS

100% more patches will be. Right now, again, all mods to set up all mods so that this cyberpouke starts, and then again the patch and again break the mods. And so to infinity.

Again, fashion was broken again to wait until they were updated (

Damn, again Phantom Liberty pump from a pirate bay. By the way, this bench has not yet been blocked?

But now you can buy and go through !

The bottom is the metro, there is no immersion in it.
Due to the fact that the load, and not the simulated metro stations, from this feeling of kinz.
In GTA 4 there were stations and underground and aboveground, you go and wait for the metro, but you go along the script, and there is no movement on the wagon, but already due to the availability of stations in the public domain, the immersion is super at a height, and I generally am silent about the editors of the editors of Redemeshen, which there are conversational straps in Twich, from the train.
The only plus is the full localization of the metro, which is surprising.

The first game was held a couple of months ago. I did not play it before. I just bought it on a release and postponed it, as its condition was deplorable. I updated the game now, I went in running. Everything has already been done that could only. He stuck all points. On this, the game is felt as if she could give you everything that she could do. And there is nothing more to do in it. And then I fell out at all. The trailer GTA 6 comes out. Who just completely bent the entire game industry. After such quality, scrupulousness and smallest details, study of everything.. I just went to Cyberpunk 2077 and left after 15 minutes. No matter how she looks and does not seem attractive on maximum shoes. It is really inferior in everything. Rockstar jumped again above his head, proved their superiority once again. Well, that is, everything that cyberpunk wants to offer: metro, somersaults on motorcycles, races. This is still in 2013 GTA 5 gave. And in Cyberpunk 2077, after the main line of the plot, it seems like an addition and a finished product. But unnecessary already. You just think about it. This trailer in GTA 6 was a gameplay. This was written by the main animator of the past GTA. And he confirmed that, unlike many studios, Rocks always show real playing personnel, not symptoms. So more than that. The game in 2025 will be released on the consoles, squeezing everything from them. And here the script is such. A year later, on a PC of the 6th part, probably with even more elongated graphics settings, technologies for the type of Path Tracing and T.P. Think about just how much this project will be worked out by that time. I can print on emotion and impression A4 x2. But after the led and the smallest details, this is space. Here it will sink into summer AW 2 with its outstanding graphics, but static. In GTA 6, some kind of mad code. Perfectly configured, in which thousands of separate actions occur at the same time. Words are not enough to describe how grandiose and titanic work it is invested in the game.
I will add. In the game, they create their social with a network like Tiktok or Insta, in which the characters will shoot anything, upload it to the network, share with other online users, which in turn will be monetized and bring grandmothers real millionaires for intra -game views. Bodycamers and cameras in stores also play the roles of streams in which you and your friends can drive fiercely. You put the camera anywhere, turn on the intra -game stream connected from the game through the camera, the other from the phone phone takes all this and on the air of the game is all. In short, as in life. Rocky the soul of the devil was sold to a campaign, this. In general, pay any grandmas. Such games in 12-13 years you need to buy. For all good)

Respect! You were very tormented. So much to write, even I did not dare, because you forget what I wrote about first))) jump out of A4 pants, jump into the cool game of all times and peoples, and think about the essence of yourself. (what is the coolest game of all times and peoples?)

There is nothing verbal diarrhea, the game has not yet come out, but already won everyone. : D

The real game has not yet been released, and the rocks have already bent someone. Seriously you knocked.
You came here by a specialist to lick the rocks?

GSC Game World made a statement in connection with a leaked build s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl

The other day we reported the next problem of GSC Game World-the hackers somehow managed to get the 200-gigaby builder builder 2. The developers finally decided to react and confirmed that the hackers gained access to the internal file files. The company does not report which materials were stolen, but the hole in the security system allowed hackers to get to files.

We have important information that we want to share. Our team revealed a vulnerability, which was used by a group of English hackers attacking the company for almost a year and a half. Unfortunately, they were able to access some of our leaked information and used it for internal testing of various aspects of the game.

We convincingly ask for stalkers and those who want to join the zone in the future, do not watch and do not share game leaks. Although these materials are intended only for testing and are not ready for release, these leaks can ruin you the impression of an independent study of the zone.

Be sure that our team is still striving to provide exceptional game experience. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl is a game that we devote to our hearts and souls. Despite this problem, we will continue to work to ensure that the game corresponds to your expectations. We value your constant support and understanding in these difficult times!

Yes, yes, drain the build and shove to hackers from UK believed.

It is so hard to believe in it ?

In the context of a very recent plum from Ru Khatckers with demands, it looks more than believable, albeit unproven.

GSC Masters to lie, so yes – it’s hard to believe. In addition, GSC dragged the same way a lot of builds for the first stalker at one time. Probably themselves and now merge. The lasails are left for the so -called specialists "English hackers". They merged themselves, in short. Hackers simply picked up what GSC allowed to choose. That’s all.

No, apparently, GSC just lies trying to earn points from Western users and looks so -so, to put it mildly, and taking into account the whole well -known and affordable chronology of events from open sources, then only negative emotions cause incisions.

You can start with the fact that, in fact, there have never been any English hackers by and large, but just two guys, one of which is from Donetsk in general. One of them had an archive with all sorts of concepts and images, which he later laid out. Then he began to tell that he had a build and he would lay it out. But he has never imagined anything in all this time. But the other day there appeared a build, but there is a strange nuance.

Regarding these oddities with the build and the attack of evil English hackers, I will quote a Western user who was so kind and compiled a chronology of events and it is worth noting that he was completely fresh and, therefore, he could not be in his hands "Hacker" Two months ago.

Now we will move to May 30. The leak was first published in the Datamining community Debuging.Games Discord. At that time, it was not completely published, only files were posted .EXE and .PDB. Why? Because the rest is encrypted.

People from there almost did not worry about the leak. Well, a stalker is not the game that costs their attention. Nevertheless, hearing began to spread, and soon people began to ask the author of the leak, where he got EXE and PDB.

He shared a link to the original torrent, but said that everything else is useless, as AES192 is encrypted. This means that there are 2^192 possible variants of the key, and password overburns will take ten years at best.

The link to the torrent (the GSC posted itself) and all other publicly accessible torrents began to spread, but, obviously, no one could open the assembly due to encryption.

The password was accidentally found today in one of the crash logs left by other developers. Inside, including other debuging information, there was a key to open resources.

So: all this information – from torrents to a key in one of the files – was publicly available and has never been a leakage of any particular group. If you want to attribute to someone to find a link to public assembly, then this is most likely the site Debuging.Games, which has zero ties with English communities or any other. The only thing the Englishs did there was the key inside the crash logs.

Bethesda released a new update for Skyrim with the correction of various errors

Despite the fact that the game is almost 13 years old, Bethesda has released a new update for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Even after Bethesda Game Studios released Starfield last year, Skyrim continues to be the largest game of the studio that will not disappear anywhere. Fortunately, since so many active players are still often entered by Skyrim, Bethesda continues to release new updates, and the last such patch is already available.

The latest update for Skyrim contains significant changes in the controller settings, error correction and improvement for a specific platform. Players can count on a more smooth and pleasant interaction with the creative content of the game.

Notes to the latest Skyrim update contain several key changes and error corrections. One of the noticeable changes is the exclusive binding of the right analogy joystick to the description field when using the controller. In addition, the “Search” function is now tied to the button “A” instead of the previous binding to the right trigger. These changes are aimed at optimizing the operation of the controller and improving navigation by menu and interfaces of the game. The update also eliminates various errors, including bouncing the menu elements, problems with rendering and inconsistencies associated with the content of creating the game.

The new update contains improvements specific to a particular platform designed for players on different game platforms. For example, players in the Epic Games Store will now see the resolved problems related to the display of Creation Credits, and PlayStation and Xbox gamers can count on fixing problems with failures and problems associated with loading. These improvements are designed to increase the overall stability and performance of Skyrim – Special Edition on various platforms, providing a more comfortable gameplay for all players.

You can find full notes for the new update The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim by link.

ARCHEAGE 2 leaves the past interfraction PVP to attract Western consolers, and focuses on PVE and GVG

Today, the South Korean company Kakao Games announced its quarterly financial results and during the conference with investors shared some new details about Archeage 2.

The MMORPG announced last year will differ from its predecessor in that the publisher of KAKAO Games and the developer XL Games make it specifically for Western players, taking into account users of consoles, while the first game was a purely South Korean PC MMO. As a result, the large-scale fractional PVP was refused, and more attention is paid to the plot PVE content (single game and cooperative for small companies passing dungeons). At the same time, PVP-boys will remain between the guilds, mainly concentrated on trade operations. Kakao Games plans to present the game at the Gamescom 2024 exhibition and hold a closed beta testing at the end of the same year.

Archeage 2 is radically different from its predecessor, which is a reflection of the habit of the Western market to a single -user console game filled with action. Instead, the main emphasis was placed on single -user content in which players enjoy the strategic seizure of fortresses with the help of complex inappropriate actions. In addition, the game contains a rich community-component: small parties and guilds are engaged in the passage of the dungeons and trade in specialized goods. In addition, the game has a campaign regime uniting conflicts and battles between the guilds engaged in trade, and those who strive for sabotage and robbery, as well as conflicts and changes in the main fractions and characters of the original plot in a full -fledged scenario. The game is developed in parallel for PCs and console platforms from the very beginning of development, and we will probably reveal more details and main elements of gameplay in various forms at the Gamescom exhibition next year. In addition, we plan to hold CBT in 2024.

With this schedule, Archeage 2 is unlikely to be released before the end of the year, as promised earlier. However, there is nothing unexpected in this, since the delay of games is a common thing for the industry.

According to information provided by Lineage Executive Producer Jake Song, MMORPG on the Unreal Engine 5 engine will improve the predecessor’s trading system: players will be able to create caravans alone, in small groups or large raids. In addition, the housing construction system will be expanded, which will allow players to create their own cities and even guilds.