CDPR released the last major update for Cyberpunk 2077 and Ultimate Edition

Cyberpunk 2077 received content patch 2.1. This is the last major renewal for role -playing game and CD Projekt Red are fully focused on the development of the sequel and the fourth part of the witcher under the code name Polaris. This does not mean that the game will no longer receive patches, but updates with new content you can no longer wait. The size of the patch on the PC is about 40GB.

Simultaneously with the release of patch 2.1 role -player Cyberpunk 2077 has become available in Ultimate Edition. You can familiarize yourself with a detailed list of all changes here, but here you can see a trailer with all the main changes in patches.

Well, after three years, the game finally got out of early access, as they say every whim for your money.

Here, finally, there was a release of a complete game)

I thought from alpha to Beta went

No did not happen. But how are the beydans, you can buy them, but reproduce them? And much more on the little things, but these little things make an ENT!

eh, launch the same one with a girl who has 3 mouths

Well, go, let’s write out pieces of 20 Brandans and not so pull, but normal, so that it would be interesting and Lorno and add. Such as you do not feed, you will still be hungry. It never occurred to them that they could not endlessly fill the content into cyberpunk and? They have plans for Remaster of the first part of the witcher, the production of 4 parts, the production of the second part of Cyberpan, but in principle, who cares, because some kind of person on the Plaigrand is not satisfied that the brandans bought in the game cannot be watched in the game.

I wish one more plot DLC.

It will not, but it would be nice

That the Witcher 3, that Cyberbag, can be maintained theoretically for a dozen years simply because a huge field for maneuvers and not too beaten genre. Of course, if we mean high -quality DLC

By the way, it seems that the metro really should have been initially – t.To. There are voiced NPC dialogs about the metro, and the stations themselves are voiced in English. T.e. It was all with them for a long time.

After the update, a new bug appeared – "floating mouse" in the menu and in the game itself

And also a bug with hot keys that cannot be reassigned, after a double jerk of vi on the courts sit down and a bunch of other bugs. Everyone broke.

It is necessary to put the internal dead zone on 0.35 so that there is no drift

Hello, please tell me where you can download DLS

Something this last update reminds me.

"CDPR released the last* large update"

It’s still nothing, on the box you need to pump 87 gigs. (

Without DLS, the game now weighs 61 gig in Steam (t.e. Many files are overwritten).

On the torrent there is where? Otherwise I need to whistle dls from there and stuff it in the face.

Yes, I have! On rustorka

There is no yet 2.02

interesting today will appear on the torrent?just specially DLS did not go through the last update to start the game from the very beginning and will completely enjoy

People who come across a torrent under version 2.1 lightcrow, download EP1 and Tweakdb, Tweakdb_ep1 files for DLC

If you can throw it from yesterday, Ishu cannot be found

Pour patch, hard workers

Set up something to the renewal already? There, also with DLS (free) trouble you need to throw files again in the game in order to activate?

So 2.1 is on the disks?

People writes that in the version for PS5 on disk 2.0, I have not seen information about the version for boxing. The publication, by the way, is now simplified – there are no brochures, pictures and paper map in this edition.

Stupidly from side, apparently there is no addition either, then you need to take for XSX if in the collection.

I understand you yourself You are hawing This semi -finished product.

Hello everyone, I have a game in Epic, I downloaded 60GB, a regular edition in the morning, a new update will be given or this is a separate game?

This is a separate game

For some reason there is still no on torrents

I downloaded the DIXEN18 repack on the rutrexer.

Thank you, kind person!

Watch Parse a post with a link to a list of changes? Why isn’t everything in one place? Completed.

Yes, because everyone does not care, why try if PG users are already gloating (judging by likes).

Well, now I will play, I was waiting!)

AT 2.1 DLAA smoothing was removed or something? I do not see in the settings

I have one animation of finishing?

There is a metro, already deserves respect.

It is not worthy of this ugg, the world is dead.

This is better than a conditioned crash game)

Great. Ahead is almost an empty year and it will be possible to play a lot of stupid).

I would not say that it is straight empty: Dragon Age, Avowed, Gothic, someone is a stalker, this is on a vague, and not even few games, there will be something to see)

Now in the guards, which is already 3 years old, play until stupid. Really bad need to be to spend a year on it for a year.

Don’t know. It’s not the same for everybody.Gorgeous game.I have almost 700 hours in Steam.

What should be played then?

But what kind of update to Skyrim is almost 600 meters?

damn and I’m a girl in a cyberpan

Don’t worry. I am also lesbian.

And where is the patch download for the pirate?

Well, torn animations in the gate were, and remained. So far this is what I saw. I started a specialist for a nomad – I hope this fucking quest with a car finally fixed it and I will pass it.

A couple more patches and you can start playing). In the meantime, in Badik, we will pose)

I crossed the game with a new patch from a torrent. Now the bed does not work in the game, the hero does not go to bed, and there are no romantic meetings in the apartment. Maybe someone has come across?

Does anyone have a mini patch for a diploma, so that everything would work after the update?

Miniopatch at 40GB?

I meant something else, when the game was updated the previous time, it stopped starting, wrote an incorrect version, they laid out a patch that does not weigh, the type of activation of DLS

100% more patches will be. Right now, again, all mods to set up all mods so that this cyberpouke starts, and then again the patch and again break the mods. And so to infinity.

Again, fashion was broken again to wait until they were updated (

Damn, again Phantom Liberty pump from a pirate bay. By the way, this bench has not yet been blocked?

But now you can buy and go through !

The bottom is the metro, there is no immersion in it.
Due to the fact that the load, and not the simulated metro stations, from this feeling of kinz.
In GTA 4 there were stations and underground and aboveground, you go and wait for the metro, but you go along the script, and there is no movement on the wagon, but already due to the availability of stations in the public domain, the immersion is super at a height, and I generally am silent about the editors of the editors of Redemeshen, which there are conversational straps in Twich, from the train.
The only plus is the full localization of the metro, which is surprising.

The first game was held a couple of months ago. I did not play it before. I just bought it on a release and postponed it, as its condition was deplorable. I updated the game now, I went in running. Everything has already been done that could only. He stuck all points. On this, the game is felt as if she could give you everything that she could do. And there is nothing more to do in it. And then I fell out at all. The trailer GTA 6 comes out. Who just completely bent the entire game industry. After such quality, scrupulousness and smallest details, study of everything.. I just went to Cyberpunk 2077 and left after 15 minutes. No matter how she looks and does not seem attractive on maximum shoes. It is really inferior in everything. Rockstar jumped again above his head, proved their superiority once again. Well, that is, everything that cyberpunk wants to offer: metro, somersaults on motorcycles, races. This is still in 2013 GTA 5 gave. And in Cyberpunk 2077, after the main line of the plot, it seems like an addition and a finished product. But unnecessary already. You just think about it. This trailer in GTA 6 was a gameplay. This was written by the main animator of the past GTA. And he confirmed that, unlike many studios, Rocks always show real playing personnel, not symptoms. So more than that. The game in 2025 will be released on the consoles, squeezing everything from them. And here the script is such. A year later, on a PC of the 6th part, probably with even more elongated graphics settings, technologies for the type of Path Tracing and T.P. Think about just how much this project will be worked out by that time. I can print on emotion and impression A4 x2. But after the led and the smallest details, this is space. Here it will sink into summer AW 2 with its outstanding graphics, but static. In GTA 6, some kind of mad code. Perfectly configured, in which thousands of separate actions occur at the same time. Words are not enough to describe how grandiose and titanic work it is invested in the game.
I will add. In the game, they create their social with a network like Tiktok or Insta, in which the characters will shoot anything, upload it to the network, share with other online users, which in turn will be monetized and bring grandmothers real millionaires for intra -game views. Bodycamers and cameras in stores also play the roles of streams in which you and your friends can drive fiercely. You put the camera anywhere, turn on the intra -game stream connected from the game through the camera, the other from the phone phone takes all this and on the air of the game is all. In short, as in life. Rocky the soul of the devil was sold to a campaign, this. In general, pay any grandmas. Such games in 12-13 years you need to buy. For all good)

Respect! You were very tormented. So much to write, even I did not dare, because you forget what I wrote about first))) jump out of A4 pants, jump into the cool game of all times and peoples, and think about the essence of yourself. (what is the coolest game of all times and peoples?)

There is nothing verbal diarrhea, the game has not yet come out, but already won everyone. : D

The real game has not yet been released, and the rocks have already bent someone. Seriously you knocked.
You came here by a specialist to lick the rocks?