Thief: The Dark Project turned 25 years old – the game received a major fan addition

Doom. Half-Life. Civilization. Age of Empires. Diablo. When you think about games that determine the history of the PC, hits, epoch -making releases that have fixed the status of the house of innovative creativity immediately come to mind. The middle and end of the 90s were the most important era for PC games, thanks to not only Valve, ID Software and Firaxis, but also less noticeable studios, such as Looking Glass.

One of the best games from ever created, Thief the Dark Project is the core of the talent of these developers and was released 25 years ago. And now she has a new huge extension, created with fans and accessible for the game right now.

According to people of acquaintances with EIDOS workers at a time when Thief was in development, no one was sure to like it whether to people or not. She really was so unique. There were other stealth games before her, for example, the Metal Gear series (Metal Gear Solid also released in 1998). But it feels like nothing could be compared with the game about theft from the first person.

Thief was unique and made you a vulnerable, not armed to the teeth, a murder car. One wrong movement at the level – and. Well, here you are for a short time and received a quick action, running in level, like a headless chicken, in the hope of finding a safe place where you will not find a guard, where (if successful) you could lurk and wait until your heart Will not stop pounding.

25 years after its appearance, Thief the Dark Project remains the main milestone in the development of stealth games and the then nasocated genre of immersive simulators. The game is now returning to a bright life thanks to the ambitious fan of DLC.

Created by Feuillade Industries, The Black Parade is a huge unofficial extension for Thief the Dark Project. Developed for seven years, it is, in fact, a completely new Thief game, adding new missions, characters, dialogs, mechanics and much more. You have a new protagonist. You have ten full -fledged missions with the open world. In the game 28 fully voiced characters. There are even a few completely original characters. You can download the addition for free from our site.

In addition, the entire game system was corrected and processed in accordance with the plot of The Black Parade and its central character Hum. Hum is not as inconspicuous as Garrett, so the guards will notice you if you encounter them, even if you are hiding in the shade. In addition, the steps of Hum emit more or less noise depending on the type of metal. This is a very detailed, very devoted love letter to one of the greatest games on the PC.