Silent Hill 2 remake will be the first major example of the new direction of Bloober Team Studio

It is reported that Layers of Fear was the last game of the developer, which goes to what he calls "Bloober Team 3.0".

With Layers of Fear behind, Bloober Team is reported, enters into a new era. The studio continues to work on creating a Silent Hill 2 remake, but at the same time leaves the usual games in the genre of the psychological horror. In a recent interview, Bloober Team said that Silent Hill 2 will become the first chapter of what the developer called "Bloober Team 3.0": transition to games in the genre "Horror for the mass market".

Bloober shared the details of this transition in a recent interview with Engadget, in which the studio discussed Layers of Fear, Silent Hill 2 and the future of the studio. Reportedly, Bloober Team has passed after several stages from the moment of its formation. Layers of Fear was the final stage, which received the internal name "Bloober Team 2.0". Bloober Team 3.0 seeks to move a little further from the niche psychological horror games that the developer released since the release of the First Layers of Fear in 2016. Planning to release Silent Hill 2 remake in 2023, Bloober wants to go deeper into mainstream games.

"This year seems to close the era of the creation of psychological horror", – The co -founder of the studio Peter Babino said about the transition. "Now we are entering Bloober Team 3.0, making horror for a mass consumer. We focused on the plot, we focused on the mood, we focused on the quality of graphics and music, but we did not pay much attention to the gameplay mechanics. This was not our goal. But we decided that there is a ceiling that we cannot break through if we do not provide something fresh, something new".

Babino claims that Silent Hill 2 will be the first major example of the new direction of the studio. While the studio is working hard on the preparation of the remake, follow the news, for example, the specific release date. Silent Hill 2 is still on the way to launch somewhere in 2023.