GSC Game World made a statement in connection with a leaked build s.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl

The other day we reported the next problem of GSC Game World-the hackers somehow managed to get the 200-gigaby builder builder 2. The developers finally decided to react and confirmed that the hackers gained access to the internal file files. The company does not report which materials were stolen, but the hole in the security system allowed hackers to get to files.

We have important information that we want to share. Our team revealed a vulnerability, which was used by a group of English hackers attacking the company for almost a year and a half. Unfortunately, they were able to access some of our leaked information and used it for internal testing of various aspects of the game.

We convincingly ask for stalkers and those who want to join the zone in the future, do not watch and do not share game leaks. Although these materials are intended only for testing and are not ready for release, these leaks can ruin you the impression of an independent study of the zone.

Be sure that our team is still striving to provide exceptional game experience. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2: Heart of Chornobyl is a game that we devote to our hearts and souls. Despite this problem, we will continue to work to ensure that the game corresponds to your expectations. We value your constant support and understanding in these difficult times!

Yes, yes, drain the build and shove to hackers from UK believed.

It is so hard to believe in it ?

In the context of a very recent plum from Ru Khatckers with demands, it looks more than believable, albeit unproven.

GSC Masters to lie, so yes – it’s hard to believe. In addition, GSC dragged the same way a lot of builds for the first stalker at one time. Probably themselves and now merge. The lasails are left for the so -called specialists "English hackers". They merged themselves, in short. Hackers simply picked up what GSC allowed to choose. That’s all.

No, apparently, GSC just lies trying to earn points from Western users and looks so -so, to put it mildly, and taking into account the whole well -known and affordable chronology of events from open sources, then only negative emotions cause incisions.

You can start with the fact that, in fact, there have never been any English hackers by and large, but just two guys, one of which is from Donetsk in general. One of them had an archive with all sorts of concepts and images, which he later laid out. Then he began to tell that he had a build and he would lay it out. But he has never imagined anything in all this time. But the other day there appeared a build, but there is a strange nuance.

Regarding these oddities with the build and the attack of evil English hackers, I will quote a Western user who was so kind and compiled a chronology of events and it is worth noting that he was completely fresh and, therefore, he could not be in his hands "Hacker" Two months ago.

Now we will move to May 30. The leak was first published in the Datamining community Debuging.Games Discord. At that time, it was not completely published, only files were posted .EXE and .PDB. Why? Because the rest is encrypted.

People from there almost did not worry about the leak. Well, a stalker is not the game that costs their attention. Nevertheless, hearing began to spread, and soon people began to ask the author of the leak, where he got EXE and PDB.

He shared a link to the original torrent, but said that everything else is useless, as AES192 is encrypted. This means that there are 2^192 possible variants of the key, and password overburns will take ten years at best.

The link to the torrent (the GSC posted itself) and all other publicly accessible torrents began to spread, but, obviously, no one could open the assembly due to encryption.

The password was accidentally found today in one of the crash logs left by other developers. Inside, including other debuging information, there was a key to open resources.

So: all this information – from torrents to a key in one of the files – was publicly available and has never been a leakage of any particular group. If you want to attribute to someone to find a link to public assembly, then this is most likely the site Debuging.Games, which has zero ties with English communities or any other. The only thing the Englishs did there was the key inside the crash logs.