Rockstar allegedly began to send letters with the “details and dates” of the Speed ​​announcement GTA 6

A decade has passed since the release of GTA 5, and now several days have remained before Rockstar Games will finally represent the GTA 6, and it is almost impossible to restrain your excitement. Apparently, Rockstar Games is no less excited, because she began to send emails to players to advertise the upcoming trailer.

Member of the QA Capcom USA team, known as Nima On X, said he received a letter from Rockstar Games regarding the upcoming announcement GTA 6. NIMA did not report any details about the letter, except for the name of the sender – RGSYNC PR, as well as the headline "[Important] disclosure of the next chapter".

The user added that the letter contains some "Details and dates" Regarding the upcoming announcement. He refused to lay out the full version of the letter, but it is possible that the information will somehow get into the network.

At first glance, it may seem unusual that Rockstar Games sends a letter to the Capcom USA employee about one of his games. However, these two companies connect a long -standing relationship: from 2003 to 2008, Capcom was engaged in the publication of all GTA games, starting with GTA 3 to GTA 4, in Japan. NIMA belonging to Capcom USA may also be a random coincidence, and they are included in the list of journalists of the developer company, compiled even before their current work. If you look at its account on X, you can find messages about receiving copies of reviews for testing games such as Saints Row.

Given the such meager information provided by NIMA, and the absence of other cases of sending such letters to other people at the moment, it is difficult to verify the reliability of the message. However, the communication of competing studios with each other is not something unusual, since this helps both parties plan releases so that they do not conflict with other games.

Rockstar Games has not yet made an official statement about when GTA 6 is presented, saying only that this will happen in early December. Many indicate the Game Awards ceremony, which will take place on December 6. This will be a great site for Rockstar Games to release the trailer, perhaps the most long -awaited game of all time, but the company can also decide to release it earlier, since the franchise is quite popular, and it does not need to use another site to attract attention.