Starfield is like five or six games in one, says Todd Howard

Starfield Direct allowed Bethesda Game Studios deeply immersed in each aspect of its huge science fiction role-playing game, clearly showing that there will be something to do in it.

Gamdirector Todd Howard said that in a sense, Starfield seemed to consist of five or six games. He also said that it was not easy for the studio to make sure that all different things were organically intertwined.

I try to do everything. Now I have deeply plunged into spaceships. We can say that in some respects Starfield is five or six games in one. This is a game about a spaceship, a game on Earth, a game with dialogues, a game about outpost, a crafting game. She does all these things.

It is always difficult for us to achieve a good gaming process so that these things do not seem to be separate games. They must be intertwined with each other in such a way as to create something more than the sum of parts.

If you think about Elder Scrolls, then this is a fantasy world. Who would you like to be and what would you like to do? We want to provide this. And Fallout is the same, but in the post -apocalyptic environment: how it affects what you find? Fallout craft is very unique when it comes to it. What do people feel? What they sacrifice to stay alive? And when it comes to Starfield and science fiction, the same thing if you opened it and could do anything, as we provide such experience? We love research, therefore, when you get into such a game, you have a thousand planets. We prefer to give you the opportunity to do this.

The 53-year-old industry veteran also suggested that The Elder Scrolls VI (the next game in the development of Bethesda Game Studios after Starfield) may be the last part of the franchise, which he will create before retirement. It can also mean that the Starfield sequel will most likely come out in ten years, unless it is handed over to another developer, given that Bethesda has already confirmed that a new Fallout will be released after Tes VI.