All the last rumors about Resident Evil 9

Only a few weeks have passed after the debut of the remake of Resident Evil 4, but in social networks there are already talking about a new chapter in a series of horrors from Capcom, the announcement of which may be closer than you can imagine.

If some interesting details about the Resident Evil 9, the name of which can be Apocaixpse (to contain a Roman figure, as in the case of Village), have already appeared some time ago, then over the past few hours a well -known portal associated with the series said some information about the project which, if confirmed, can strengthen the excitement among fans.

According to rumors, Re9 will be exclusively by a single -user game, and will also become the last chapter with Chris Redfield, but this does not mean that the famous character will die. In addition to Chris as the protagonist, we will also meet Jill Valentine, whose role is expected to be comparable to the role of Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4. They also say about the appearance of Claire Redfield, but there is no more specific information on this subject. As for Rebecca Chambers, Barry Berton, Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy, their appearance is not expected.

According to the plot, the muscular soldier will go in the footsteps of BSAA to European territory, representing a direct continuation of the events described in Village. Part of the adventure will take place in the castle very similar to the castle of Lady Dimitrest or Ramon Salazar. Instead of enemies, creatures are mentioned, more similar to "traditional" undead series and monsters like Wendigo. The rumors also mention the ending in which we will witness the mysterious sacrifice.

Rumors argue that the game has been in development for about two years (unlike Dusk Golem’s statement that the work on the game has been conducted for more than six years), and that Capcom uses the re -use of assets from the Resident Evil 8 and the remake of the fourth part. The latest information concerns the terms of the announcement: they say that the game will be presented from October to November 2023. In general, to find out how reliable all this information is, we will have to wait a little more.

The sixth diary of the developers of Anvil Empires is devoted to the prototype of big worlds, the breeding of animals and donkeys

The developers of Siege Camp, the creators of Foxhole, presented the sixth diary of the development of MMO strategy in the medieval setting of Anvil Empires, which is dedicated to the prototype of big worlds, the breeding of animals, donkeys and not only.

Prototype of big worlds

A few diaries of development back, the studio talked about the developed technology of the big world, which allows to model a huge online world distributed over many server instances R2. While this technology is in the stage of active development, the authors are already ready to release the first prototype for pre-alpha, which means that a completely new map of the world will be presented in the next test.

The area of ​​the new card will be approximately 8 times larger than the area of ​​the test card used in previous tests. Modeling and network interaction will be divided into two copies of R2 with a virtual border sharing these two "region". To feel the scale of the map, the developers note that in this world there are about 100,000 trees, and with all of them the player can interact and chop them. Although the map used in previous tests was temporary, this new card will form the basis of the real world of the game. The new map layout can be seen below. And this is only one small area of ​​the possible world.

Since this is the very first prototype of technology and map, during the upcoming pre-alpha test, the world and the environment will seem much more rude. Many technical capabilities that were used earlier do not work (for example, water) with large worlds, so I had to rebuild them from scratch. Expect that visual problems, errors in the landscape and problems with the new card will be much larger than in previous tests. Although moving across the virtual border functions, it is rudimentary, and there are many non -standard situations that have not yet been processed.


A new type of animal breeding activity is introduced, with which you can produce new horses. To breed animals, it is necessary to build a stable. To start the process in the stable, it is necessary to place two adult animals of the same species. If you regularly provide animals with food and water, then after a few game days there is a chance to get a foal. Foals can be grown in the stable to an adult state, and then they will become a productive part of the settlement.


Along with selection, a new animal is introduced: donkeys. Currently, they have basic functionality and behave in the same way as horses, but in the future it is planned that they will be useful for transporting and performing other work, for example, to obtain energy through an animal mill.

Mill for animals

Currently, energy infrastructure can be built in the form of aqueducts and channels. Mills for animals are a new type of energy that requires the labor of donkeys. The mill can be driven by two animals. When both animals are busy, the maximum amount of energy is produced. If donkeys are not available, players can themselves put the mill manually in motion.

Home areas

When creating a settlement "from scratch" Founding players have a certain progress and a sense of direction. However, when joining an existing settlement, it can be much more unclear how to move forward or contribute to the development of a settlement. Currently, two new experimental functions have been added, designed to give such players more opportunities and focus on ensuring that they can gain a foothold in the village or city.

Firstly, "Home areas" allow individual players or small groups of two or three people to own a small plot of land in a settlement where they can build structures, park transport and store resources. In this territory, players can build equipment, such as anvils and saws, or a small farm. This allows citizens to invest in their role and produce materials or equipment. Then these resources can be entered into the settlement using the new local exchange.

Local exchange

The second experimental function is a local exchange that allows players to honestly and safely exchange objects in their settlement. Items can now be transferred to a new general equipment available in the center of the settlement in exchange for local coins. Other players can get such items only by spending local coins. This allows players to devote themselves to the production of certain objects, and then exchange them in the local market for objects produced by other players.

It is important to note that "Home areas" And "Local exchange" are experimental functions that in the future can be strongly processed, replaced or deleted. These two functions are designed to improve the experience of players joining the existing city, and may not be so relevant for the founders of settlements.

Open beta testing strategy in real time Men of War 2 will begin next week

Fulqrum Publishing and the Ukrainian Best Way Studio announced the upcoming weekend testing of the long-awaited strategy in Men of War II, which starts on November 16 and ends on November 21 in Steam. This new beta version demonstrates progress in development and offers players a more perfect experience, including the selection of players and leaders tables for each of the settings of PVP matches, a shorter loading time and various graphic improvements.

In the upcoming open beta version, which starts next week, the “Officer” mode will be presented-a complex script PVE, requiring strategic skill players. In the “officer” mode, participants should skillfully combine offensive and protective tactics, trying to protect the NPC officer over a certain period of time; If the enemy manages to destroy it, the game is over. This intensive mode will check the ability of players to effectively coordinate their strength and make instant decisions to achieve victory. In addition to this new mode, the players will return all PVE and PVP modes from previous open beta versions.

In addition, players can count on two exciting new single -user missions that tell about the turning points of the history of the Second World War for the US troops and Germany. These exciting missions give players the opportunity to feel the intensity and complexity of decision-making in wartime, and the Soviet campaign from previous beta versions returns so that players can return to action with all single missions.

This beta version also presents four new multi-user cards: “Witch Valley”, “Village”, “Shampan” and “Polesie”, only ten of which are available to players.

This open beta version is based on the reviews of thousands of players who have already played, tested and expressed their thoughts about the three previous public tests. Developers will continue to work on finalizing and balancing based on fresh reviews of players received during beta testing. Progress and preservation of players in this open beta testing will not be transferred to the release.

The Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC started open beta testing

Open Real Strategy Strategy Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin has become available on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC in Steam. Players can load beta version on their platforms and start cross-platform multiplayer game 1 on 1 with two full-fledged fractions: StormCast Eternals and Orruk Kruleboyz. To play open beta testing on the console* no additional subscriptions to the platform are required. To participate, you need a Frontier account.

Players will take on command in cruel and spectacular fantasy battles. They will participate in the brutal tug of war for control of the map, calling for new troops on the battlefield, collecting resources, seizing victorious glasses and arranging ambushes on their opponents on several fronts. In addition to online matches of 1 to 1, open beta testing also proposes the opportunity to play against a bot with artificial intelligence.

Players on consoles and PCs can first try the DirectStep control scheme, which allows you to quickly give movements about movement, instantly switch between detachments and flexibly control the battlefield using a controller. Traditional RTS management elements with a mouse and keyboard will also be available on PC and consoles. To learn more about the basics of the game and how to play Realms of Ruin, players can go to the page of open beta testing on the official website.

Open beta version gives players an early opportunity to evaluate the schedule and animation of the world class from Frontier Development near, since each unit on the battlefield draws inspiration from their desktop analogues. From brutal annihilators and winged prosecutors from StormCast Eternals to an awkward Marshcrawla Sloggoth from Orruk Kruleboyz and Hobgrot Slittaz crowds, the authenticity is based on Frontier to adapt this universe for the RTS genre.

Open beta testing is designed to test game servers and help developers in the balancing of factions. It will end July 10. The second open beta version is scheduled for the end of this summer, the details will be disclosed in the near future.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Realms of Ruin will soon appear on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X | S and PC in Steam and Epic Games Store.

New screenshots and teaser-trailer the shooter The Day Before

The long-awaited MMO score for the survival of The Day Before from FNTASTIC received a new teaser trailer, as well as several new details of the gameplay.

You can see a short, but, nevertheless, an attractive trailer below. Together with the trailer, a new interview with the developer of the game was published "FNTASTIC", In which some additional details of the game process are revealed, as well as information about the console release of the game and a possible beta version.

The game The Day Before, inspired by such games as The Last of Us and The Division, is a post-apocalyptic MMO score for survival with the open world in which players explore the city of skyscrapers "New Fortune City".

"The Day Before is a post -apocalyptic sandbox with the open world", – The developer said, answering the question of the main gameplay of the game and whether there will be plot missions in it. "Here, players will have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in this new world, exploring a huge horn city called New Fortune City, buying houses and vehicles and creating unique, personal stories along the way. Although our game is mainly focused on the fighter’s fight with the player, we will also include tasks in it aimed at restoring society. In The Day Before, the fate of mankind is really in your hands".

We know that The Day Before will be released on a PC on November 10 after that at the beginning of this year was postponed due to problems with the brand, but what about the version of the game for the next generation consoles? According to the developer, initially the team focused on the version for the PC, but the console versions are really planned.

More information about versions for PS5/XSX will be provided after the release of the game on the PC. "We are pleased to confirm that The Day Before will first be released on a PC scheduled for November 10", – The team said in an interview. "Immediately after the release, we will share the road map of future updates so that our players are involved and interested. This roadmap will include new functions and additions to content, emphasizing our desire for the continuous development of the game. First, we will focus on the PC platform, but be sure, in line – console versions. The release dates of console versions will be announced shortly after launch on the PC, so follow the updates".

Interestingly, the team also plans a closed beta testing of the game. "Although we do not consider the possibility of releasing early access, we plan to conduct the stage of closed beta testing before the game launch".

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth would not have been a step -by -step role -playing game if Yakuza 7 was not successful

The Yakuza series has changed a lot with the release of Yakuza: Like a Dragon, not only thanks to a completely new protagonist, setting and characters, but also thanks to a rethinking of a series as a step -by -rray game in Persona style. But no matter how great the scope was, it turned out to be successful: the game received wide recognition of critics, which was also reflected in its commercial indicators: at the moment, more than 1.8 million copies were sold.

And, as expected, it was this success that allowed the developers of Ryu Gotoku Studio to be sure that they will adhere to a new direction of the series in their next main part – Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth.

In a recent conversation with Thegamer, the leading producer of the Hiroyuki series Sakamoto said that if Yakuza 7 were not as successful as it turned out, her sequel would not adhere to a new composition and mechanics, which, presumably, means that the series would most likely return To your original bitemap frames.

If Like a Dragon 7 were not very well accepted, then probably we would not have this game. It was thanks to the success of the previous game that we were able to create this. We really try to find a balance between good gameplay and a good story. We do not want to have just a good gameplay and a mediocre plot, and vice versa. We always try to find balance and make sure that we provide you with a full set in terms of quality

Of course, despite the fact that the main games have already firmly fixed the RPG status, the series did not completely move away from the bitemap. More recently, Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name – and this formula adheres to the Judgment series.

By the way, the third Judgment game can be presented this year, and for 2024 the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio is planned a new major announcement.

Meanwhile, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth comes on January 26 on PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The creators of Star Wars Outlaws talked about the nature and motivation of Kay Ves

When it comes to history, regardless of the media in which it is presented, you should have the main character with whom the audience could find various points of contact. This character is not necessarily good/bad. He just should be interesting enough for the audience to believe in him. Over the years of its existence, Ubisoft has created many unique heroes, and the upcoming game Star Wars Outlaws was no exception. According to the plot of the game, the events of which will take place within the framework of the original movie trilogy, we will get acquainted with Kay Wesser, a robber, which is very different from other heroes that we met in this galaxy. According to representatives of Ubisoft, it was planned from the very beginning.

Game Informer interviewed the director of the narrative of the game Navid Khavari, in which he said that the setting, temporary framework and emphasis on Kay as a thief and criminal were important to determine the direction of the game. But when asked about who Kay is and what her opinion was about the empire and the Jedi, he answered the following:

Kay and her satellite NIX are fighting for survival every day, relying on their thieves’ skills and resourcefulness. Kay’s dream – get a jackpot that will allow her to live freely and find her place in the galaxy. This is especially true after the robbery fails, and it suddenly becomes one of the most wanted in the galaxy. Involuntarily, she has to join the criminal world and take care of the criminal syndicates in order to commit one of the greatest robberies that the Galaxy only saw.

This aspect was very important for us. She has not yet formed her opinion about the struggle between the empire and the uprising. When Kay grew up, she was aimed only to succeed, which would help her and Niksa arrange her life and save her from the need to be in the list of the most wanted in the galaxy. As for the empire, like the majority of the residents of the Galaxy during this period, it perceives it as a despotistical force that spread throughout the galaxy. But in fact, they are only an obstacle in her way when she travels around the criminal world in order to rob her whole life.

He also noted that Kay quickly thinks, hot -tempered and "Ready to take a chance to everyone", To get what she wants, but at the same time she does not quite understand what it means to be in this galaxy against the background of everything that is happening. For example, by virtue, she may believe, or may not believe that she resembles another adventurer, whom we have already met earlier is a khan Solo, who, as you remember, before meeting with Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wang Kenobi then he believed in force. However, regardless of all his bravado, there is a certain insecurity in it, which I liked very much and his colleagues in the command of Star Wars Outlaws.

As for her character, it was very important for us that Kay was a newcomer. She is ready to risk everything, has a quick mind, a little hot -tempered, but at the same time she had not yet fully understood herself. It has self -critical vulnerability, which we consider very appropriate, and we strive to ensure that it is easily recognizable as a character that experiences events that can be extremely difficult in any world, whether it be a galaxy "Star Wars" or not.

Let’s hope that when we get acquainted with the adventures of Kay Ves and Nyx in full, we will enjoy traveling and the hope that everything will end as she wants.

The next Dying Light 2 update is aimed at making players “shit in pants”

Techland continues to work hard on creating a new content and updating Dying Light 2 for those who still jump and slide along Villedor. Earlier this year, Techland announced the roadmap of updates that will appear during 2023 and will include many interesting additions and new plot content. The next update promises to give players a new night experience, increasing the intensity for those who step into the city in the dark.

Wandering around the night city and so it was quite terrible, but the director of Dying Light 2 Taimon Smectala is sure that the new experience will make it "Even worse" For players. Speaking about the horror genre, Smectal explained that Techland plans "squeeze out of the game everything possible" And use new ones "gameplay mechanics, visual tricks and sound effects", to make players "shit to your pants". This is a fairly promising sign for all those who seemed that moving along the streets in the dark was not enough tense.

Horror became a huge part of the Dying Light DNA, so we will support them in the game and further. Our next update, planned at the beginning of summer, is devoted to this – we strengthen the night experience, making it even more terrible. We hope to create a tense atmosphere that will make our players give a shit of pants. We plan to use all the possibilities – gameplay mechanics, visual tricks, sound accompaniment. Get ready!

This is not a very delicate way to say that the new night experience will be worse, but if you want to get delicacy from Dying Light, then you probably came to the wrong address. Nevertheless, this statement radiates confidence, and it seems that Techland has many new and interesting tactics in the sleeve in order to carefully scare those who dare to explore at night.

As for when we get a new plot content, Techland recently promised that the second large expansion of DLC for Dying Light 2 will be released before the end of the year, and also stated that it would transfer players to a completely new place and "It will not be like anything that you have seen in the Dying Light series still". The developer also claims that it will be larger, much more plot and will answer some long -standing questions that have long been revolving around the Dying Light community. These are quite serious promises, but Techland is more than sure that they can fulfill them.

Fresh patch for Lords of the Fallen corrects numerous malfunctions on AMD graphic processors

CI Games and HexWorks continue to release corrections for Lords of the Fallen daily. And today the developers released update 1.1.1999, eliminating numerous malfunctions that could occur on the AMD graphic processors.

Speaking in more detail, then update 1.1.1999 for Lords of the Fallen eliminates numerous GPU diets on AMD maps by passing the dispatching of niagara calculations in case of exceeding the number of flows supported by the equipment.

According to the developers, this patch should eliminate most of the failures reported in Sentry, since more than 30% of them were caused by this particular problem.

In addition, Lords of the Fallen Patch 1.1.199 makes some changes to the balance and improvement of mp. For example, the price of the spell is adjusted "Flame funnel". In addition, timings and pings in a multiplayer game have changed to make a priority to establish a strong connection between players.

As usual, Steam will upload this update the next time it launches its client. Here you can also familiarize yourself with the full list of changes.

And why numerous malfunctions are again on the equipment from AMD? What is it connected with?

with the fact that the malfunctions of Nvidia were allegedly repaired

You are all infa in the article. This is the problem of the game, not the cards/software Amuda.

There is no need to go far, right there at the PG the very first news about the game and quotes from it, hello, as they say

We decided to temporarily disable personnel generation until our cooperation with NVIDIA will allow us to release more stable drivers. This measure is designed to prevent failures that some players face their new graphic processors of the 40th series.

99% of all problems with software and firewood on computers are the fault of the habit. People still cut up the updates on the operating rooms and complain that because of them constant problems, that you cannot use the computer. They put the assembly crinage B10-11, 3 pieces of antivirus, which block executable files and so on, Mail agents, 10 browsers and other trash downloaded from huge, green buttons "Free download the desired file" This is also to blame for the AMD?

Go to the overlars of Nvidia – problems, you will be shocked by the curvature of the hands of people and how many of them are in principle. I do not have a corporation, but the AMD is gorgeous and better, more informative, more conveniently, there are no problems with Nvidia from 2003 and with stability, I have been sitting on the AMD for 12 years and have never entered the forums with a request to help with the problem, they are stupidly not was. The jamb was with RDna 1, which I safely discouraged, there was a transition to a completely new architecture, yes, but Nvidia also did not lag behind in this regard, with the release of the first generation of RTX

Palworld developers have prepared an update to solve problems with the Xbox version

If you have not noticed, one of the most high -profile games of 2024 crept unnoticed this week. A new game called Palworld exploded literally from nowhere. The game was shown at several major game events, but outside these first shows, it seemed to be not delayed in the spotlight.

However, now that the game has finally appeared, it has become a real hit. Palworld is almost an analogue of Pokemon, which allows players together with friends to explore a huge open world and catch creatures known as Pala. However, instead of abilities like lightning or something else they have a firearm. Cute creatures and large guns are always a great couple. Just a couple of days after the release, Palworld diverged 3 million copies and, most likely, will be sold even more.

Unfortunately, Palworld was faced with some problems on Xbox. Players notice black screens, errors when entering the game and report various errors that slow down the game. Although some people can enter the game, this causes a lot of inconvenience to those who cannot do this. Palworld manager Palworld Bucky responded to Discord games and noted that they know about problems and have already made updates for Xbox. Unfortunately, the patch should go through the certification process, and they do not know how much time it can take.

We have currently presented a patch for Xbox, which eliminates some problems that were reported. However, the patch cannot be released until the Microsoft certification process passes. We have not yet received any information about the status of this process, but we are trying to contact them to speed up the process. As soon as we learn more, we will immediately inform you about this. We apologize for this annoying situation!

Ideally, this will take no more than a couple of days, but perhaps the process will accelerate, given the huge popularity of the game and the fact that it is the game Xbox Game Pass.