All the last rumors about Resident Evil 9

Only a few weeks have passed after the debut of the remake of Resident Evil 4, but in social networks there are already talking about a new chapter in a series of horrors from Capcom, the announcement of which may be closer than you can imagine.

If some interesting details about the Resident Evil 9, the name of which can be Apocaixpse (to contain a Roman figure, as in the case of Village), have already appeared some time ago, then over the past few hours a well -known portal associated with the series said some information about the project which, if confirmed, can strengthen the excitement among fans.

According to rumors, Re9 will be exclusively by a single -user game, and will also become the last chapter with Chris Redfield, but this does not mean that the famous character will die. In addition to Chris as the protagonist, we will also meet Jill Valentine, whose role is expected to be comparable to the role of Ada Wong in Resident Evil 4. They also say about the appearance of Claire Redfield, but there is no more specific information on this subject. As for Rebecca Chambers, Barry Berton, Ada Wong and Leon Kennedy, their appearance is not expected.

According to the plot, the muscular soldier will go in the footsteps of BSAA to European territory, representing a direct continuation of the events described in Village. Part of the adventure will take place in the castle very similar to the castle of Lady Dimitrest or Ramon Salazar. Instead of enemies, creatures are mentioned, more similar to "traditional" undead series and monsters like Wendigo. The rumors also mention the ending in which we will witness the mysterious sacrifice.

Rumors argue that the game has been in development for about two years (unlike Dusk Golem’s statement that the work on the game has been conducted for more than six years), and that Capcom uses the re -use of assets from the Resident Evil 8 and the remake of the fourth part. The latest information concerns the terms of the announcement: they say that the game will be presented from October to November 2023. In general, to find out how reliable all this information is, we will have to wait a little more.