The author of Fallout and Arcanum Tim Kane talked a little about how The Outer Worlds was created

The creator of Fallout Tim Kane tells that the game The Outer Worlds was created with the calculation of casual RPG players, and discusses the main idea of ​​the FPS space simulator.

Tim Kane, the creator and leading programmer of the Fallout series and one of the directors of The Outer Worlds, says that the last cosmic role -playing game of Obsidian was created taking into account the mainstream and casual role -playing games.

The Outer Worlds is a first -person fantastic shooter/RPG, which relies on the strengths of Fallout New Vegas and at the same time creates a new IP. The game has almost everything that gamers knew and loved about New Vegas and modern games of Fallout, but with a characteristic appearance and sensation of Obsidian.

It was planned on purpose. According to Tim Kane, the Outer Worlds Coiner, the science fiction role-playing game was designed for a more mass audience. In a recent video on his channel, Kane talks about the development of good game settings and how this advice relates to The Outer Worlds. And he also says that the main elevator Peter The Outer Worlds was "Fallout meets Firefly".

The next question is only if you are worried about sales, or demography, or coverage of your game, or any of these things are imposed on you by people who gave you money first, namely: how much Mainstimova is your idea? Fallout. Arcanum. We have never asked this question. We just made a game for each other. The Outer Worlds created different. One of the things that I was told at the very beginning: we want casual players, casual players in RPG, we want to play this. This changes the situation, changes what you enter the game. Many people perceive it like "Oh, you muffled this, you muffled everything". No. You may have complex things, whether it is a plot, setting or mechanics, you just need. how to reduce the slope. The view from the top of the mountain is equally magnificent regardless of whether you rose to it or drove up by car. Some people value it more if they climb to the top, but I appreciate the fact that I can drive up by car and enjoy the view without risk to die.

This is a rather interesting point of view. And the Obsidian plan turned out to be very successful. More than 3 million copies have been sold from the moment of launching the game The Outer Worlds.