NVIDIA showed the new Black Myth: Wukong gameplay

Black Myth: Wukong announcement found many of us by surprise. Developed by the Chinese team, the game is something similar to the Souls series and with every new video and information won more and more fans, and this is not surprising. Despite a few delays, the game is still one of the most anticipated by gamers thanks to the stunning visual design and the game process, which seems to be a lot of joy. And, of course, last night as part of the Opening Night Live at the Gamescom 2023 exhibition, a new presentation of the game took place.

And today, NVIDIA has shown another gameplay trailer for the PC version using the DLSS 3 APSKAILER – today’s video devoted to demonstration of battles with several bosses.

Black Myth: Wukong will come out for PC and "current generation consoles" In the summer of 2024

Beautiful and interesting setting, but here are strange hits

Only the numbers of damage strain. The rest is great

Surely it will be possible to disable the interface settings.

The bosses need to make a strip on the full screen) 10 hourly version with the boss to knock out all the nonsense from a diligent gamer)

Advertising 30 FPS but an expensive modern video card Nvidia where?

"NVIDIA showed the new Black Myth: Wukong gameplay"

Well done Chinese, games should be Not only interesting, But, at the same time beautiful. About the interesting thing, it will be clear only After the release of the game, And beautifulness, it is clear that the Chinese are trying and this is perhaps better than that of many Japanese and Western companies that make many, many AAAAAAAAAAs products. I hope the Chinese will succeed, and we we get a really interesting and dozen beautiful game, and what is done using game buns from NVIDIA – leader of the market of gaming video cards, only adds in this confidence, but, wait, we will see. In any case, to the top of the list of desired in Steam, the game is added, the iron is completely ready, so it remains to wait and see when the game comes out, whether the Chinese succeeds, but even now Respect They because they Trying and trying to make this game.

Another game with a sponsorship of Nvidka. There will be no optimization.

There will be 30 symbolic fps!

I will give an obvious advice – for good optimization in new games, I need no less good computer. Do not thank!

I will give an obvious remark, to users 4090 this did not help to play without DLSS in the belnant 2 in 4K, in which there are not even rays. Do not answer!