Bethesda developers justify Starfield after negative reviews on Steam, even more running out players

Starfield is a rather controversial game, its launch did not cause universal enthusiasm, which Bethesda was used to regarding its large role -playing games with the open world. This led to a large number of negative reviews on platforms such as Steam, where recently, almost three months after launch, the game received mixed reviews..

It is possible that such a low rating prompted several Bethesda employees to try to do something with the gradually falling reputation of the game. Over the past month, two Starfield developers responded to negative reviews on Steam, explaining to the people who left them that the game is actually very good, and asking them to take into account the efforts that were invested in the development of the scenes.

These answers were first noticed by the JuiceHead user, who shared answers on November 2, November 9 and November 27. The first two answers were published by the developer under the nickname Bethesda_falcoyamaoka, and the latter – Bethesda_kraken. Both of them are most likely working in the support service and were awarded in Steam as official developers.

The general complaint in these negative reviews is that Starfield can become boring, the game is called in them "repeating, soulless routine" With characters, "interesting as a bread row in a grocery store". Bethesda_falcoyamaoka and Bethesda_kraken do not agree with this, claiming that the game is actually not boring, but a large number of boot screens are necessary for "expansive gameplay".

Further, both developers list all the positive aspects of Starfield and give people who left negative reviews, tips on how to get more pleasure from the game. Among these wise tips is to try to create different characters, try to find hidden avantosts and go to a new game+.

Developers’ answers to negative reviews are a rather rare phenomenon in Steam, mainly because any developer knows that such a dispute is lost from the very beginning. It is incredibly strange to see that such a large developer as Bethesda answers in this way, especially when you consider that he argues with purely subjective reviews. It does not look very good, which Bethesda probably already became convinced, having received a portion of insults from Steam users in response.

Fans Red Dead Redemption 2 are puzzled by a new Steam award: “The game has not received major updates for a long time”

Red Dead Redemption 2 received a new Steam award, but fans are not sure that she really deserves her. Rockstar Games releases one of the best games, but the studio is also known for not in a hurry. In the 2000s, Rockstar released games annually. After Grand Theft Auto 5, the release of new projects slowed down significantly, since the studio began to invest more and more forces and resources in its games. GTA Online took resources, but Red Dead Redemption 2 also required a lot of attention. As a result, she became the only new Rockstar game released in the PS4/Xbox One generation, as well as, perhaps, her best game today.

Red Dead Redemption 2 showered praise over the past five years, and she deserved them. She has an incredible story, a rich open world, exciting gameplay and, quite possibly, one of the most detailed and plausible worlds in games. However, Red Dead Redemption 2 received a Steam award yesterday, which fans look at bewilderment. Steam issued a bunch of awards for 2023, for which the fans voted, and Red Dead Redemption 2 received a reward "Favorite child". If this award were awarded in 2018 or 2019, when the game reached the PC, it would be logical. However, in 2023, fans were a little confused. Red Dead Redemption 2 in November and December survived a large surge of the number of players in Steam thanks to the sale, so many are now getting to know the game for the first time. However, it is the description of the award that causes disputes among fans:

"This game has been released for a long time", – The description is said. "The team has long survived the debut of their creative child, but, being good parents, these developers continue to cherish and support their creation. This game to this day, after so many years, continues to receive new content".

The online mode Red Dead Redemption 2 stopped receiving large content updates several years ago: Rockstar Games officially confirmed that it will no longer release major updates in the summer of 2022. In the game, the playlists and other small additions and other small additions are rare, but it is unlikely that this is something that makes the players return to it. Especially compared to GTA Online, which is already ten years old, and she still gets huge updates, Red Dead Online has not been able to completely reveal its potential due to the intense development of Grand Theft Auto 6. In this regard, fans are in some confusion.

Red Dead Redemption 2 & Red Dead Online received the main award of Steam Award for the constant support of the game by the developer. Since July 2021, the game has not been a single major content supplement. In addition to several small sets of missions for telegrams, as well as seasonal additions to Call to Arms cards

Being good parents, these developers continue to support their creation. This game to this day, after so many years, continues to receive new content". You mean weekly events.

Rockstar completely failed after launch. RDO was abandoned without any warning. It was not updated for PS5 and Xbox Series XLS.

The authors of Project Zomboid will change the farming and add small animals in the future update

In the upcoming update, which became known from recent message on the Steam blog, Project Zomboid is going to improve the mechanism of agriculture and introduce small animals into the game.

One of the most significant aspects of this update is the complete restructuring of the agricultural system. Currently, the game developers are working on improving the interface and interactions related to farming. The key aspect of this development is the introduction of new plants representing various plants of plants, which will significantly enrich the feedback mechanism with the player.

In previous versions of the game there was a limited number of plants for certain stages of growth and several general sprites for trampled plants. However, in this renewal of agriculture mechanics expands and covers a much wider range of plant conditions. This update will add about 600 sprites that will represent 15 different crops and 8 herbs in various conditions. These states include plants that are unhealthy due to illness or lack of water, dying or completely dead plants, as well as plants that have been trampled or crushed.

In addition, in the update of farming, growing seasons will be introduced, which can be switched in the settings of the sandbox. Most plants will now have a certain landing season, and certain months will give an additional crop. Plants planted not in the season, most likely, will be filled and perish. This new dynamics will give the agricultural system a greater realism, making game experience more exciting and complex. Knowledge about the seasons of growing plants can be obtained in different ways in the game: Fairyard characters will know them initially, the characters with the gardener’s line will know most of them, and the rest can be recognized by reading packages with seeds and special agricultural guidelines.

In addition to improvements in the farm, the introduction of small animals into the game will offer a more diverse game environment. This new function will bring a different level of realism and involvement to the game, and the behavior of animals such as rabbits will be regulated by unique rules. The inclusion of animals will also bring additional elements to the game, such as the waste of animal life that can be used for various purposes.

In addition, work continues to expand the card, which was facilitated by the recent adding of Dirk to the team of card developers. This new area may be released with the 42nd update or included in its beta version, providing players with a wider environment for research.

Disney Illusion Island platformer received quite ambiguous assessments from critics

Disney Illusion Island has received quite ambiguous assessments from the international press, which met a curious Disney metroid for Nintendo Switch with grades of 9.5 to 4.

As you can see, the game received a large number of high assessments: some sites called it the best in the history of Disney, as well as a fascinating game for the whole family and an excellent acquaintance with the sunshine of the metroid.

However, if the ratings are scrollful, then the perception changes: first there are several "Eights", Then several assessments in the area "Seven", up to the lowest.

  • But Who Tho? – 9.5
  • Cgmagazine – 9.5
  • GamingTrend – 9.5
  • Nintendoworldreport – 9
  • Noisy Pixel – 9
  • Gamingbible – 9
  • Nintendo Life – 9
  • Game Informer – 8.5
  • Dualshocker – 8.5
  • Cogconnected – 8.4
  • Levelup – 8
  • Game Rant – 8
  • Hardcore Gamer – 8
  • Worth Playing – 8
  • Screen Rant – 8
  • Gameshub – 8
  • God is a geek – 8
  • Shacknews – 8
  • Comicbook.COM – 8
  • VOOKS – 8
  • Wellplayed – 8
  • Digitally downloaded – 7
  • Attack of the Fanboy – 7
  • Video Chums – 7
  • Siliconera – 7
  • Destructoid – 7
  • Metro Gamecentral – 7
  • PC Games – 7
  • Digital Trends – 7
  • Thegamer – 7
  • Gamesradar+ – 7
  • Gamespot – 7
  • IGN – 7
  • PCMAG – 7
  • Player 2 – 6.7
  • Eurogamer – 6
  • VGC – 6
  • Checkpoint Gaming – 5
  • Guardian – 4

As always happens with games that share critics, the truth lies somewhere in the middle: perhaps someone Disney Illusion Island seemed an absolute masterpiece, and someone mediocre.

For example, one of the reviews states that the game boasts a competent design of levels, a large number of collection objects and pretty characters, but at the same time slow movements, low levels of complexity and not always responsive control.

According to the screenwriter, in Baldurs Gate 3 there will have 17 thousand possible variations of the ending

In 2023, two absolutely large-scale role-playing games await us: Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3, and the latter may turn out to be even larger than previously considered, since the Larian developer company reported that the game has about 17,000 endings options.

This detail was disclosed in Fextralife on YouTube, based on an interview with the Larian team.

I spent some time talking with Crystal Ding, which is one of the leading scriptwriters of the project, and it works mainly on the end of the game. She has been working on her for six months, only on the end of the game, which is simply incredible. I asked her: "How many ending options exist?". And she answered me that there are 17,000 ending options.

It looks like the figure "17,000" well known in Larian, since another member of the developer team expressed some concern on Twitter about the fact that the fans recognized this figure.

Of course, it is important to emphasize that it is about "17,000 variations", not about 17,000 completely different endings. According to Fextralife, the developers could not immediately answer the question of how many main endings will be in the game, although, of course, there will be much less of them.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a large -scale role -playing game with the creators of the Divinity series: Original Sin. Larian announced the postponement of the release date of the version for the PC for a month in advance, from August 31 to August 3 to avoid a collision with Bethesda Starfield in early September. The version for PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is slightly delayed until September 6, and the versions for Xbox Series X and S are left without the release date (more about the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox here).

In an interview, Winka said that, according to the developers, the standard passage of Baldur’s Gate 3 takes from 75 to 100 hours. However, players who want "to do everything", should count on doubling this figure.

Character with another hairstyle = another ending.)

I think then there would be hundreds of thousands of endings

Yeah, here he stands "Hands in the sides", and here "picks in the nose" – Another ending.

17k somehow too huge the figure, again the ending will be the ending?)

Somewhere I already heard that. AAAA Borderlands 3 with billions of various weapons. Yes Yes. Logic went n.

And then you are fucked up to death

"And she answered me that there are 17,000 ending options."

Why not 170,000?

How tired of these Marketing carpet bombing Before the release of each so -called AAAAAAAA product, The pipets is simple. I have been trying lately not to read about games in which I want to play at all, for, IMHO, If you follow such a game, then before its release a persistent impression is formed, that you have already passed it without even playing. : (((

P.S. How I miss those ancient times, When you bought a game and sat down to play, having only a minimum idea of ​​the world of the game, its plot, its game mechanics, when every plot turn, each location, every opportunity for the game, the developers invented simply delivered Wild, incredible emotions, The emotions of the discoverer.

P.S. The first Fallout and many, many, many games of those unforgettable, ancient times will forever remain in memory.

If we are talking about minor differences, then I can well believe that in the game level BG3 can be 100-200 full options, that you also know whether it is cool. Of course, we will be able to see this only on the release, but this game and approach to it, almost an isolated case in the entire industry. Let’s see, I think this game will definitely surprise players even more than now, but how much, this is another question.

well, usually these are slides in the credits with the results of the performance of quests. And in total, 17k options for combinations of these slides

God forbid 3-4 will be, defeated evil, joined evil, died in advance, etc

See. For such a game, it will be weak, when compared with the approach to the first act that I saw.

If some have 1000 planets, then others have 17,000 endings who are nominated at the end of the year?

some uncomplicated game in which it is simply pleasant to spend time.

Well, here is the first one who did not understand, it is not about 17,000 different endings, but about variations, that is, for example, the endings are only 10, but there are much more small details or differences.

There are two games – in one 1000 planets, on the other 17,000 endings, which you will pass, which mother you will leave?

Once again, Disco Elysium, simply because it has a soul

Even the most ardent fans should understand that frank nonsense in PR had gone. Did not kill that enemy – a new ending. Another eye color GG is another ending.

Our game will have 17 million blades of grass, 45 billion landfills, 360,000 milliseconds will be needed to play the game

In fact there will be approximately 10 endings. And everything else seems to be "I killed that character at the beginning of the game, or did not kill" And so he either is at the end or he is not. And there can really be hundreds of such options. But consider it to be different endings, such.

Intra -game dialogue or text at the end of the game is not an ending, even Fanboy should understand this.

This is the joke that FextRail has a bastard of the Klikbeit norms and now they carry it, but you need to understand that these are variations (at least he said it in the video) if the game is 3 gender, then 17000/3, and so on further.

Of them 16 900 depends on what position the bear is to fuck you. Sorry could not resist

Yes, thanks, we remember the different endings of Fallout 3.

Well, yes the Larias did F3

We know these "Variations of the endings", In one protein he drops a nut, in another takes out a bag of nuts, another protein joins the third to the protein, and the essence does not change.

17,000 ending options – sounds as pathos as possible and, to be honest, no longer interesting. A similar number of endings is achieved by an extremely simple in an extremely tedious way – each NPS is given the name and gramulka of history, after which the players will see the many -hour chronicle about what this or that non -cord (if the player did not kill him) after the victory of the GG over the chapters.

This lady definitely should not promote the game anymore.

I would love to add Baldur Gate 3 tag to ignore, so as not to read such vyser. Seriously, it seems that the game is not designed for a thoughtful audience, but on

– Fu, you advertise the game with the help of sex with a bear!
– Okay, let’s talk about 17 you.
– But the bear is.

Karoch, we are talking about 17,000 different sets of elements.

Suppose, throughout the plot, the player will present 17 key plot solutions, of which the game according to his rules, or even completely accidentally, will only select 9 at the end, and will consistently display each of the selected solutions in a special way (for example, a line of dialogue).

In this case, the ending is a set in the form of a combination (combinatoric) without repetitions of 9 elements out of 17 possible. Sets are considered different, even if they differ in just one element. There may be 17 of such various sets! / (9! * (17 – 9)!) > 24000. Thus, a large number of sets are determined by a small number of elements. The number of sets will be the maximum elements for this number, if the set-combination contains half the number of all available elements.

If the player is assigned to the goal of every new passage to see at least one reaction of the game to the decision (t.e. In each next ending, at least one new element should be present), then it will need no more than 9 passages (9 elements will see for the first passage, and the remaining 8 for the next eight), but also at least 2 passages (9 + 8). Moreover, for the first passage, he will see 1-8/17 ~ = 53% of the total possible ending content, for the second on average 1- (8/17)^2 ~ = 78%, for the third on average 1- (8/17) ^3 ~ = 90% and t.D.

Thus, reiglable, from the point of view of obtaining new content in the ends with each new passage, if half of the key solutions are used to form the ending (which provides the maximum number of sets), it will be small.

"I’m not afraid of the one who is developing 17,000 different endings. I’m afraid of the one who is developing one 17,000 times" @Fan of impressions.

Alan Wake 2 developers discussed the structure of two main characters. The game will have a lot of detective gameplay

The first demonstration of the game process Alan Wake 2 took place at the Summer Game Fest 2023 festival. After the live broadcast, Remedy also presented the game to the press and shared some details.

Sam Lake discussed how Alan Wake 2 copes with the structure with two main characters, leaving great freedom in the hands of the players when it comes to using Alan Washie or recently added saga Anderson.

As soon as the acquaintance with the saga is completed, the player in certain places can freely switch between them, switch to the game for Alan in a dark place or switch to the game for the saga in the Pacific North-West, and there is no wrong or correct path. If you want, you can continue to play for Alan Wash in a dark place almost to the end, or you can continue to play for the saga almost until the end. Or you can continue to switch between them at every opportunity to continue both sides of the plot lines.

The history of Alan Wake 2 was structured and built in such a way that these two threads are closely connected. There are many echoes between them, omen and visions. They try to communicate with each other between the worlds. Depending on which side of any given moment you play the first, you will have a slightly different point of view on what is happening and how it develops.

Alan Wake 2 will differ somewhat from previous games created by Remedy. To begin with, this will be their first horror game for survival, but it also includes puzzles and detective gameplay, given that the Saga Anderson is an FBR agent. Players will be able to deal with chaos using the function of the Palace of reason.

From my point of view, from the point of view of ambitions, I think that in terms of narrative we do very ambitious things. Like the various methods that we use for the story of history, I think this is important for us. The first game was very dependent on the battle. In Alan Wake 2, we wanted to fully realize the idea of ​​an FBI agent in the form of a saga. We have the concept of the Palace of the Reason you go into, and how you use a board to solve puzzles. We wanted to provide the player with more opportunities for use at the level of functions.

The output of Alan Wake 2 is scheduled for October 17 for PC in Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X.

The last update for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor caused a new problem

Yesterday Star Wars Jedi: Survivor received another sixth update that reached the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The players complained that the developers not only could not cope with the problems of performance, but they also managed to ruin one of the elements of the game. But one step at a time.

Respawn Entertainment has prepared a number of corrections, the main of which is:

  • correction of various errors that cause failures on various platforms;
  • correction of an error blocking the appearance of a bond hunter;
  • Correction of the error, due to which Kaj became invisible;
  • correction of an error that prevents the completion "Find the secret of the trench".

In addition, the authors corrected the handling of blasters, a photograph and a puzzle for Jedze. Also, on the last planet, a training mannequin was turned off and the data of the holopard was updated.

The list above looks quite solid, however, as players on the Reddit forums note, the update does not solve all the problems.

The game still has problems with productivity on the console. If you quickly move the camera, then ruptures appear in the upper part of the screen, the frame rate can fall strongly near water, even in high -quality mode or during symbolic, and there are many visual glitches, for example, the interface elements remain visible longer than they should. The game needed more time (. ).

Another user indicates the slowness of the developers:

The fact that it took them so much time to correct the mistake with the Hunter of the head is abnormal.

The last update also causes. New problems.

The patch completely broke the hungard. She just doesn’t open anymore. In such a game as this, such a mistake makes it insane.

In an official statement, the developers promise that they "They work hard to improve the gameplay in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor". Therefore, players complaining about the state of the game can only wait for the next patches, the release dates of which will become known "As soon as they are defined".

Wheted up additional tasks at Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

In the plot addition of Phantom Liberty for Cyberpunk 2077, the first thing that catches the eye of the player is a noticeably improved level of study of all additional tasks. Tasks from fixers, instructions and activity have become more diverse, large -scale and banal better compared to the original game. As it turned out, we owe these improvements to a small reorganization of the CD Projekt RED studio after the failure of the Cyberpunk 2077 in 2020.

Improved elaboration of additional tasks in Phantom Liberty can be associated with a smaller development scale. All the same, this is not a full -fledged game, but only an addition, albeit with a new area for research and plot. Nevertheless, the quest-director of the game Pavel Sasco assures that the scale has nothing to do with. According to him, the studio managed to significantly improve the quality of side activity thanks to the rearrangements of different departments in the studio.

The production process between different units began to take place in a close relationship. We have become "flexible", And the developers who worked on the filling of the open world became part of my unit. Previously, they had to work in isolation from the narrative in a completely different structure.

-explains Pavel Sasco, quest director Cyberpunk 2077.

The key developer also believes that the reason for the improvement of many aspects of Phantom Liberty was the experience gained during the development of the original Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red is now better understanding how many large -scale development processes are arranged and understand how important transparency and openness between different units are important. All future projects of the studio will create according to a similar model.

Whoever said, and the side effects turned out to be excellent, especially I came in "Interregnum", It can be seen that they tried this time.

Yes, similarly, how Phantom Liberty began to take place, noticed that orders became very interesting and longer, often with an ambiguous choice. And it is unfortunate that in the main game there are an order of magnitude less

uh, it’s a plot, what is the side of?

She belongs to the plot of DLS indirectly, this is a secondary task.

In the sense of indirectly? it directly depends on the events of the DLC

Nothing depends there, the task appears some time after the death of Hensen (which is in any case, Amen) either in the process of passing the plot of the DLS, if you choose a RIDA, or after the end of the plot of the DLS, if you choose a junk.

Yeah, the orders of the fixers in the Fantom Liberty really became more developed and more interesting on the head) The mission about cops is generally carbon fumes)

Fixer, there he is the only one

Rzhach I play the latest version, I already met bugs more than on the release when I passed

It became stuffy in the room

Well xs xs. In a witcher, 3 blood and wine perfectly put a point and summed up the results of the entire game (that the witcher was already breaking the 4th wall with his statements), here it is generally felt as a separate product, which is not like (despite good side effects) to the main game). (You either score for salvation and return to the main branch, or you are being treated and like the end of the IIII all -_- well). It is a pity that it was impossible to pull these events just by the time of the gatherings on the roof.

Just DLS supplements the main game of the second in essence with the ending, "Quiet life", which is at the beginning the chehon asks. And then the choice is yours, or kill yourself in several ways and become a legend, or survive and quietly go into the sunset.

Or they could come up with the 3rd moment for the quest when the bell calls, GG can already become a legend in fact (having cleaned everything and everything, having passed everything and everything). and only then steer in Liberty DLS. I kept to this that they did not reach a little. Well, for example – 1) what prevented him from making the sunset with the Aldekide clan? 2) what prevented him from leaving Judy? 3) what prevented to stay in the bar? That is essentially nothing . All. The listed endings are, but they are connected with the fact that they help us to storm Arasaku in one way or another, but what prevented me from skiping this moment and coming to them by saying it no longer needs. T.e. In fact, we even throw off the quest bell because we go immediately to the DLS (because it would look stupidly cured, but we need treatment). I think the thought brought.

Well, here already "artist" So this sees, we only choose from the proposed options that are personally acceptable for me. I would still know what the ending of the canon, so to speak, the quiet life has not come in, sad somehow and everyone else is banal, except like a secret, there is rock and roll that you need and the ending is encouraging, especially in the context of DLS, if you choose a soy , she looks like there on the moon.

Nuuu personally (I) decided for himself that the ending of the starting story you chose for yourself (as it were stupidly not sounding), but this does not say that the building cannot become a swingean, well, I played out not the same, I am to that if I Started a swinging man, I drowned after Aldekide and drove with Pan into the sunset and at least sadly (that the GG will die anyway), but he will die among the family -_- and as a free person. As a bord, we occupy either a steep villa or a whole bar and rose so much that we make a quest from the blue -eyed (ala outlet, by the way, it was a pity for it not to be hidden as a character and DLS about a casino in an orbit thought that we would come out) if we were a child of streets, then In fact, we don’t need a trait from life anymore for we are the king of these same streets, any dog ​​knows about us (but this option is more suggested by a romance with Judy and a party with shelms). Somehow I see it (options with Distribution of the body of Joni are not considered at all). but DLS Liberty, somehow 50 to 50. The same thing.

Some kind of garbage was written, did not like the sides in freedom at all, almost everyone gives the task, you come, you find out that in fact an eccentric for the letter m is the one who gave the task and perform it not as it was originally proposed. And they are all like that! What is with the murderer of homeless people, what boxers, what with the cleaning of the hospital from the garbage holders.

DLS turned out to be magnificent, but the new ending of the main plot disappointed. Everything somehow ended too stupidly, as if the scriptwriters were absolutely all the same, and they decided to ruin everything and leave it like that.
It is not clear why everyone stopped communicating with the main character, especially if he had an affair with Panama and the Aldekaldo clan. Why couldn’t he just call her and say that there would be an operation now, and he is not sure that he would be with him. But she throws him at the emergency because he did not get in touch for 2 years, TC was to a coma, it is somehow stupid. Victor, who was always independent, became just their puppet.
But the most absurd happened when they talked about implants. They say that he can no longer use them, but why is he still alive? Everything was replaced by him (I judge by his passage). According to Lora, biowares do not load the nervous system, because these are not replaced, but improved parts (leather, muscles, and so on). So why was absolutely all implants took from him?
In general, they wanted to create a happy ending, but it turned out the most terrible ending due to its stupidity and inconsistencies. Having completed its story, Vi has already become a legend of Night City. There is no "A quiet life". He has an impressive "achievement list", a variety of skills, rich experience and connections with the influential figures of Night City. In addition, he had a lot of money, a unique weapon and cars that can be sold. He is a person who is known to almost everyone in Night City.
Why in the end he is shown as an absolutely useless character, although with his experience he could become the successor of Morgan Blackhand, who twisted the entire Verses of Cyberpan, including Smesher, who miraculously survived after a clash in the Arasaki tower.

I think to download still play CP2077 2.0 with DLC

Personally, I have so far have just reached the call of Soyka (vacuumed the tasks of fixers and activity) with further hit in the psinburg and.. I don’t know, but the atmosphere of the DLC is already much more at the very beginning "Fat", than in the original game. Underground automated parking, this market. I’ll see how the plot and quest component generally look. And something tells me – it will be better than in the main plot.

All is just the plot of the addition there is a corridor shooter, and therefore much more worked out

It remains only to finalize the dopes from the main game and will be gorgeous

They are growing and this is a fact. Phantom Liberty in everything is an order of magnitude better than the main game. Maybe besides the physics of transport management, it has not changed in any way to regret.

That is, the developers still went through the game themselves, finally

In short, everything was written off for the pandemic and remote. Okay, let’s give them a second chance)

CP2077 also had good side effects. I didn’t complain about it. It’s good that DLC also did not cheat.

In the main game, sideways are also gorgeous. What is only a business or even a monk with his "Zenom". Yes, full of cool side effects in the game. No need to say that supposedly only in DLC everything is done as it should in this regard – this is not so. In the main game, too, everything was ok, no matter what he said, how for me.

It’s a pity that DLC is one thing. I would like more.

After a sudden hype in the direction of their game, rads can also change their mind about DLS and still slightly scratch the cow carrying golden eggs))

Very hardly. The shares of Nehilo fell so after the release of the DLS, about 50 percent somewhere.

That and the plot of norms, at the end, as much as he launched a tear either by a Reed or Jike, it’s a pity to be saved both

It is possible, at least the ending for Reed, this implies

Well, I don’t know both saved, and they saved me.

And in general, you can choose a jay, and then take the side of Reed when it will be unconscious. In this case, all inclusive Alex will be saved

Official system requirements for the PC Militari Six Days in Fallujah are presented

Victura announced that the stage of early access to Six Days in Fallujah will begin on June 22. To celebrate this announcement, the publisher presented the official system requirements of the game for PC..

Six Days in Falljuah will be a tactical joker in the first person. The game will be procedurally generated missions based on the real events of the second battle for El Falluj in 2004 during the war in Iraq. In addition, developers plan to make the most authentic military shooter today.


  • A 64-bit processor and operating system are required
  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i5 7th generation or AMD Ryzen 5-2600
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Video card: NVIDIA GTX 970 or AMD Radeon R9 390/AMD 580
  • DirectX: version 12
  • Network: broadband Internet connection
  • Repository: 22 GB of free space
  • Sound map: Direct-X compatible


  • A 64-bit processor and operating system are required
  • OS: Windows 11
  • Processor: Intel i7-8700 or AMD Ryzen 7-2700x
  • RAM: 12 GB
  • Video card: NVIDIA RTX 2070 or AMD RX-5700XT
  • DirectX: version 12
  • Network: broadband Internet connection
  • Repository: 22 GB of free space
  • Sound map: Direct-X compatible

Victura also shared a road map of the game.

“Six Days begins with realistic tactical joint missions for 4 players taking place in the first days of invasion in the northern part of the city, where the coalition forces encountered numerous rebels and several civilians. Over time, we will add more maps, time of day and weather to the game, as well as real special forces, equipment and missions.

Initially, Six Days offers a joint multiplayer game “People Against AI”. As early access develops, we will add experienced teams on the AI ​​team, who will comply with your orders, as well as civilians who can significantly complicate the situation.

We will also begin to represent some missions of our story campaign during early access. These missions are based on specific real stories and are told by the Americans and Iraqi present there “.

In Baldur’s Gate 3, an extremely terrible cut end was found

As in D&D, Baldur’s Gate 3 allows players to interpret their character as they consider necessary, even following their dark motives, if necessary. Larian Studios also decided to give the players a unique way to pass the third chapter of the plot in which they receive an unique and fully customizable character Origin. This is, of course, about The Dark Urge (dark temptation) – a character who will have to fight his most dark motives. Or even indulge them, depending on how you decide to play.

Thanks to this, you can also go through the Baldur’s Gate 3 campaign with unique options and endings: one of them, according to Thegamer, should have been especially terrible, but in the end Larian Studios decided to cut it off. However, the fans managed to restore audio files associated with this ending, which you can listen to in the video below. Of course, you should immediately warn you that huge spoilers are waiting for you about the background of this fascinating and gloomy character.

As the fans already know, the thirst for reprisal of the dark temptation was not just like that: it turned out that his father is Baal, the god of murder. During the passage of the Baldur’s Gate 3 campaign, we will have the opportunity to either rebel and start atonement, or follow his will to the end.

However, Larian Studios came up with an alternative, much more cruel option: our character can disappoint Baala so much that he will stop thinking independently, turning into a tool for generating new heirs.

At the same time, everything is very detailed – and, which is quite logical, it was planned to show some of these details – so it is easy to understand that the developers thought that it was already, perhaps, even for those whom such a campaign could attract to gloomy consequences.

Scary, very scary, already checked!

Well, in vain they gave the back, it would be even more interesting … In general, the more content the better … True Todd ? XD

I think the Larias will look at what the players write, and they will return a lot of the cut out, it will be possible when they decide to make DLS

They will not do DLS for the game, but Definitive Edition, as with previous projects, then please, by the way, you can start counting the game fully released, because the changes will be as usual, the cut content will be twisted back there

They already discussed this with reporters. And Sven said that DLS will be.

you can link to the ending with the interview? Ril is interesting to look, because somewhere he read that he said just the opposite

Yes, he still began to change his mind and back 30 times on the last panel.Either the upper city will be, then they decided that there are no, then the epilogues will be as much as 15 minutes, then they decided that they smear the epic of the ending and cut out, realizing that they sat down in a puddle promised to return them to the puddle.And this is the same with DLC, at first Sven burst out that everything!He wanted to tell a story, told and closed Gestalt, and in general for the DLC, everything should be rewritten and processed in terms of levels, then he began to slowly wrinkle, why not, why not.Then he said that after the vacation we’ll see, and the last on my memory that someone else from the top of Larian raised the question of DLC and said that the team "He wants more" And they will come up with something about DLC

They cut a bunch of interesting content, it is not known how much to wait until everything is returned.

Otherwise, it is not known how much the game is waiting for the game ¯ \ _ (ツ) _/¯

And it is necessary? Games are done so. Something falls, but a lot is cut out. Just not all and not all this is said. There are more content there than in all games taken together, published among AAA recently. But I noticed, you just have to extinguish under each news on BG3 about some carved content. Moreover, this content is sometimes so insignificant that doubts begin to appear on your account again.

You bomb from the fact that the game has interesting content and/or even after cutting out part of this content, the game still remains interesting. Understand. It should be a shame that your god-like RPG of the century, Sorlfield does not even have content that it would not be a shame to cut out, whatever you touch, you get into the game. And how did you kickers before the exit of the Sorfield, here Starfield will come out and break BG 3. Literally under every news. Sorlfield came out and, alas, for fanatics of Todd, tore only his asshole. How funny it is Haterk comments, who is trying to migrate under "impartial" a player who only appreciates "good" games. It will not work, clown, your Vypers about Starfield’s greatness were literally in every BG branch starting from August 3 and ending on September 6. The Internet remembers everything, fanbochik)

Let it be like from the divinity Orijinal Sin 2.It was licked and returned a lot of carved content, plot and gameplay in Definitive Edition.Most likely it will be with BG3, only this edish will wait for this most likely for a long time for a long time.

Purely formally, this ending is still there – when you resist the will of Baal, but do not take up the path of redemption (t.e. You go like his gun the whole game, but you do not capture the world and the Absolute). – Baal captures the body of the temptation and leaves what he will do – the devil knows, to produce new heirs or arrange a massacre – the essence of the same thing.

Well, in short, Tod Howard with Bill Gates comes out there at the end and they unanimously declare that the LGBT community lies to everyone, and that African Americans should not have a voice in society

One of the few games forced to step on the path of evil because it is interesting and there is its own logic, and not a potamuch, I’m bad and everything

You can’t go through, the game makes you relax at least twice, once after saving the grove, the second time you go to the gates of Baldur, and if you do not rest in the gates, then you can not save the Duke of Ravengard. I actually played the game.To. I was afraid that long rest will be greatly affected by quests, but as a show, even the Roshchi of Druids will not close if you have a lot to rest

I’m just thinking about playing for him..

Judging by this lizard in the frame everything is terrible there

with the gnols the scene was in Bet

This is not the same scene. The cut ending was to be an epilogue in which "temptation" Show after a hot night with a gnoll. And the sunset voice sensually explains what kind of refusal to steer in a swarm of Baal took away the free will from the protagonist and turned into a cupcake-toy/incubator to generate future heirs from gnolls, brogs, displayer-snares and all other creatures.

To get such an ending in order to get such an ending, it was necessary to agree to become the champion of Baal after the murder of Orin, and then fill up the original plan destroying the Absolute. T.e. GG should still be attached to the papik, but not fulfill his will and be thus punished (no). Paul GG in the end, apparently, did not matter

An extremely terrible place there is only one thing- when Vlaakite appears, you ask her who she is in life, and then this begins! 0_0 I thought the ends came! The heart almost stopped! But this was just again handicrafts-developers. But how much was brought to fear!

After 4 patches, blurring from effects, hmm, 3 act scripts are not executed, you cost a stupid for 3-5 minutes to swear, I didn’t bomb after cybercoma like from a bald

Why do I feel correct and normal when I play for Urja in this feeding evil and good through the prism of tolerance inside out. 1) Kaga protects the grove from the point of view of logic, everything, you need to make it a white woman who is dissuaded by a good roofing material to destroy it, make it a childcode and a fan of shadow druids 2) Ruberoids (not drow), 3) rags of men who cannot To compete with babies in leadership positions, males are white villains from the Three with Orin, who immediately merged at the end of 2 acts, it is not surprising that the whole party was collected by Urj 4) Niga Wilka, who gathered all virtues in himself, but became a limp heel of Mizora, and we We solve all his problems, and he, as a ballast, is weaving behind the party, he gave the dad easily, and there are not enough brains to finish the nuance of the contract that you can save the dad. 5) rampant sodomy among the gnomes, and shinging in the mouth, "I’m your husband"(Grimford), "You killed my wife for disobedience"(Banks Plant), Dvorfs, I want to buy food in a hotel, "I am epos in the ass with my husband, you are not interesting to me", what, wander, a normal person will yell throughout the district that he eats with someone? 6) Bolvan Minsk, simply, spit into the face of fans, turning Vikonia into a bitch balloon 7) I feel like the only male in the whole Faerun 8) the girl in the team is all strong and independent, and in front of the Urge, especially before the fighter, the lizka scared, so as not chewed, gets on the teeth. 9) Karlokha just wants to eat someone, for oppressed tifling from the grove by a mountain, a man who has squeezed the refugees, also wants to wrap it, a white man, filled the help of refugees, and to the toys to the kids, the detailed. 10) "Evil" or rather, normal passage deprives us of huge content. 11) Why should I empathize "oppressed", "poor" Tiflie in the grove? A small gang of rats Like they wanted to rob me, the rat m saying on me at all the whole guard shoved. Rats cut the relics of the druids. Behave like at home in a strange place. Yes, you are burning in the raid of absolutists, the same for me. 12) Why all the heteropers I saw ended poorly? The parents of the Arabella rat are cut off, a couple of typhley with a cat, drank.13) Bespole Fiolet Fiolet Tifling in the Shaducha task."They did not break your individuality, blah, you are an example for me, how I turned into *an outcast, I began to feel myself, wagged like. 14) Conclusion, the main psyche from a cage of a ball that yells to everyone, what the same. And yes, Balda 3 does not deserve to be a game of the year, she got a pig of a pig, and worse than the release of Cyberpuke 2077. Because Cyberpuk did not break himself, your mother, whole quests and plots. And did not break totally after patches, as I made a bald in 4 patch, it freezes for 3-5 minutes in 3 acts, nothing is fulfilled, you run stupidly, when the scripts begin to be executed, the disappearance of sound paths, a broken facial animation in the 1st stage. Blinding from v v

fuck as it can be in the head.

The style of a person is certainly lame, but plus minus, he correctly described the dominance of the agenda in BG3. Because of it, I do not want to relay, as I am brutally suffered by immersion in the pantry world.

You can’t just take it and not to bite about the agenda instead of losing a good game, not without minuses, of course

So I played. I thought that I was immediately relying, but no. The most lousy in this agenda is that without it the game would be perceived much better, for gameplay and mechanics are magnificent, but we have that we have. And you will deny the destructive effect of the agenda and its "Mandatory" In modern large games?

People, I went through this "Good game" on the release itself, I even bought it, I thought: I will get pleasure, a normal plot, but it turns out on the lips of it, and they also spent it, and also advertising from a pig. Okay, I ran it 1 time, passed for other classes in different patches. And now I wonder how to break the working and correct another. At first, I did not look at the agenda, but after several passages, I realized what she was carrying from all the cracks here, and made you up for normal here, that is, you are now a minority, and here it turns out that you are playing in the world , where the tolerance won common sense practically.

Damn, the dark temptation in the game was created specifically for players -catches. Well, what a normal person will do this, even in the game? The video shows how some non-normal cut off the head of Karllah. "Good" Someone has the end, nothing to say

You can play the vehicle fighting with your nature. In addition, playing for TSA you can kill the NPS who enraged you in the first passage, whether it be tifling, Isabelle, intimidate the real Jaheir and bring to the hysteria of Orin. Yes, and for the vehicle it is justified to bring the emperor to the fact that he will show what he really was, and not vanilla rollers with the countess.

Well I do not know.. I also put a squirrel from the heart on a stone. Some characters, including in real life.. especially in real life, they deserve only such an appeal

and as for the Karllak, then at first she grit "muti with others, I do not mind", But you still check, really do not mind. you go through the whole pass, kick the lizard under the ass, and Karllake is "Who are you?! You were not called here!". And under the tail of a cat for two days! well, who would not cut off her head after such?!

You have a point of view from the perspective of a teenager or pensioner 65+. When you go to the line 33+, you will find out that it is not at all as it seems. And get acquainted with the periods of antiquity, the Middle Ages and the New Age for general development, no one has ever lived and does not live in Manya with pink unicorns, fading blue sugar cotton and rainbow. (to the conversation about the cut off the head of the Karllah, which is prof. Killer, etc. P.)

I also don’t really like the path in which you give in to a dark temptation. A lot of cruelty (I would even say ultra violence) which is shown in details. However, this is the price that you need to pay for the fact that the game has a certain "the freedom of action". And besides, the temptation can be resisted, there can also be interesting outcomes (only if you do not want to kill someone out of ignorance, then you need guidics, it will not be clear everywhere).

Game bottom, to be honest, I don’t know why everyone praises her plot purely for a checkmark

May Life Maincraft!

You are a stalker fan?

"I didn’t play, but I feel so". Well, yes, you are the bite of the games. On GJA all rewards took BG3 bending everything

Only the Larias came to their show, the whole team. Therefore, the organizers decided to distribute everything to them. Well, do not carry these figurines to the warehouse. And these heads also extinguished the shampusic all evening, we can say that they bought these awards.

Only the Larias came to their show, the whole team. Therefore, the organizers decided to distribute everything to them. Well, do not carry these figurines to the warehouse. And these heads also extinguished the shampusic all evening, we can say that they bought these awards.

Next time I will collect the company at twenty, there is a cloak in there – and all my awards are my awards!

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