According to the screenwriter, in Baldurs Gate 3 there will have 17 thousand possible variations of the ending

In 2023, two absolutely large-scale role-playing games await us: Starfield and Baldur’s Gate 3, and the latter may turn out to be even larger than previously considered, since the Larian developer company reported that the game has about 17,000 endings options.

This detail was disclosed in Fextralife on YouTube, based on an interview with the Larian team.

I spent some time talking with Crystal Ding, which is one of the leading scriptwriters of the project, and it works mainly on the end of the game. She has been working on her for six months, only on the end of the game, which is simply incredible. I asked her: "How many ending options exist?". And she answered me that there are 17,000 ending options.

It looks like the figure "17,000" well known in Larian, since another member of the developer team expressed some concern on Twitter about the fact that the fans recognized this figure.

Of course, it is important to emphasize that it is about "17,000 variations", not about 17,000 completely different endings. According to Fextralife, the developers could not immediately answer the question of how many main endings will be in the game, although, of course, there will be much less of them.

Baldur’s Gate 3 is a large -scale role -playing game with the creators of the Divinity series: Original Sin. Larian announced the postponement of the release date of the version for the PC for a month in advance, from August 31 to August 3 to avoid a collision with Bethesda Starfield in early September. The version for PlayStation 5, meanwhile, is slightly delayed until September 6, and the versions for Xbox Series X and S are left without the release date (more about the delay of Baldur’s Gate 3 on Xbox here).

In an interview, Winka said that, according to the developers, the standard passage of Baldur’s Gate 3 takes from 75 to 100 hours. However, players who want "to do everything", should count on doubling this figure.

Character with another hairstyle = another ending.)

I think then there would be hundreds of thousands of endings

Yeah, here he stands "Hands in the sides", and here "picks in the nose" – Another ending.

17k somehow too huge the figure, again the ending will be the ending?)

Somewhere I already heard that. AAAA Borderlands 3 with billions of various weapons. Yes Yes. Logic went n.

And then you are fucked up to death

"And she answered me that there are 17,000 ending options."

Why not 170,000?

How tired of these Marketing carpet bombing Before the release of each so -called AAAAAAAA product, The pipets is simple. I have been trying lately not to read about games in which I want to play at all, for, IMHO, If you follow such a game, then before its release a persistent impression is formed, that you have already passed it without even playing. : (((

P.S. How I miss those ancient times, When you bought a game and sat down to play, having only a minimum idea of ​​the world of the game, its plot, its game mechanics, when every plot turn, each location, every opportunity for the game, the developers invented simply delivered Wild, incredible emotions, The emotions of the discoverer.

P.S. The first Fallout and many, many, many games of those unforgettable, ancient times will forever remain in memory.

If we are talking about minor differences, then I can well believe that in the game level BG3 can be 100-200 full options, that you also know whether it is cool. Of course, we will be able to see this only on the release, but this game and approach to it, almost an isolated case in the entire industry. Let’s see, I think this game will definitely surprise players even more than now, but how much, this is another question.

well, usually these are slides in the credits with the results of the performance of quests. And in total, 17k options for combinations of these slides

God forbid 3-4 will be, defeated evil, joined evil, died in advance, etc

See. For such a game, it will be weak, when compared with the approach to the first act that I saw.

If some have 1000 planets, then others have 17,000 endings who are nominated at the end of the year?

some uncomplicated game in which it is simply pleasant to spend time.

Well, here is the first one who did not understand, it is not about 17,000 different endings, but about variations, that is, for example, the endings are only 10, but there are much more small details or differences.

There are two games – in one 1000 planets, on the other 17,000 endings, which you will pass, which mother you will leave?

Once again, Disco Elysium, simply because it has a soul

Even the most ardent fans should understand that frank nonsense in PR had gone. Did not kill that enemy – a new ending. Another eye color GG is another ending.

Our game will have 17 million blades of grass, 45 billion landfills, 360,000 milliseconds will be needed to play the game

In fact there will be approximately 10 endings. And everything else seems to be "I killed that character at the beginning of the game, or did not kill" And so he either is at the end or he is not. And there can really be hundreds of such options. But consider it to be different endings, such.

Intra -game dialogue or text at the end of the game is not an ending, even Fanboy should understand this.

This is the joke that FextRail has a bastard of the Klikbeit norms and now they carry it, but you need to understand that these are variations (at least he said it in the video) if the game is 3 gender, then 17000/3, and so on further.

Of them 16 900 depends on what position the bear is to fuck you. Sorry could not resist

Yes, thanks, we remember the different endings of Fallout 3.

Well, yes the Larias did F3

We know these "Variations of the endings", In one protein he drops a nut, in another takes out a bag of nuts, another protein joins the third to the protein, and the essence does not change.

17,000 ending options – sounds as pathos as possible and, to be honest, no longer interesting. A similar number of endings is achieved by an extremely simple in an extremely tedious way – each NPS is given the name and gramulka of history, after which the players will see the many -hour chronicle about what this or that non -cord (if the player did not kill him) after the victory of the GG over the chapters.

This lady definitely should not promote the game anymore.

I would love to add Baldur Gate 3 tag to ignore, so as not to read such vyser. Seriously, it seems that the game is not designed for a thoughtful audience, but on

– Fu, you advertise the game with the help of sex with a bear!
– Okay, let’s talk about 17 you.
– But the bear is.

Karoch, we are talking about 17,000 different sets of elements.

Suppose, throughout the plot, the player will present 17 key plot solutions, of which the game according to his rules, or even completely accidentally, will only select 9 at the end, and will consistently display each of the selected solutions in a special way (for example, a line of dialogue).

In this case, the ending is a set in the form of a combination (combinatoric) without repetitions of 9 elements out of 17 possible. Sets are considered different, even if they differ in just one element. There may be 17 of such various sets! / (9! * (17 – 9)!) > 24000. Thus, a large number of sets are determined by a small number of elements. The number of sets will be the maximum elements for this number, if the set-combination contains half the number of all available elements.

If the player is assigned to the goal of every new passage to see at least one reaction of the game to the decision (t.e. In each next ending, at least one new element should be present), then it will need no more than 9 passages (9 elements will see for the first passage, and the remaining 8 for the next eight), but also at least 2 passages (9 + 8). Moreover, for the first passage, he will see 1-8/17 ~ = 53% of the total possible ending content, for the second on average 1- (8/17)^2 ~ = 78%, for the third on average 1- (8/17) ^3 ~ = 90% and t.D.

Thus, reiglable, from the point of view of obtaining new content in the ends with each new passage, if half of the key solutions are used to form the ending (which provides the maximum number of sets), it will be small.

"I’m not afraid of the one who is developing 17,000 different endings. I’m afraid of the one who is developing one 17,000 times" @Fan of impressions.