Alan Wake 2 developers discussed the structure of two main characters. The game will have a lot of detective gameplay

The first demonstration of the game process Alan Wake 2 took place at the Summer Game Fest 2023 festival. After the live broadcast, Remedy also presented the game to the press and shared some details.

Sam Lake discussed how Alan Wake 2 copes with the structure with two main characters, leaving great freedom in the hands of the players when it comes to using Alan Washie or recently added saga Anderson.

As soon as the acquaintance with the saga is completed, the player in certain places can freely switch between them, switch to the game for Alan in a dark place or switch to the game for the saga in the Pacific North-West, and there is no wrong or correct path. If you want, you can continue to play for Alan Wash in a dark place almost to the end, or you can continue to play for the saga almost until the end. Or you can continue to switch between them at every opportunity to continue both sides of the plot lines.

The history of Alan Wake 2 was structured and built in such a way that these two threads are closely connected. There are many echoes between them, omen and visions. They try to communicate with each other between the worlds. Depending on which side of any given moment you play the first, you will have a slightly different point of view on what is happening and how it develops.

Alan Wake 2 will differ somewhat from previous games created by Remedy. To begin with, this will be their first horror game for survival, but it also includes puzzles and detective gameplay, given that the Saga Anderson is an FBR agent. Players will be able to deal with chaos using the function of the Palace of reason.

From my point of view, from the point of view of ambitions, I think that in terms of narrative we do very ambitious things. Like the various methods that we use for the story of history, I think this is important for us. The first game was very dependent on the battle. In Alan Wake 2, we wanted to fully realize the idea of ​​an FBI agent in the form of a saga. We have the concept of the Palace of the Reason you go into, and how you use a board to solve puzzles. We wanted to provide the player with more opportunities for use at the level of functions.

The output of Alan Wake 2 is scheduled for October 17 for PC in Epic Games Store, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series S | X.