Bethesda developers justify Starfield after negative reviews on Steam, even more running out players

Starfield is a rather controversial game, its launch did not cause universal enthusiasm, which Bethesda was used to regarding its large role -playing games with the open world. This led to a large number of negative reviews on platforms such as Steam, where recently, almost three months after launch, the game received mixed reviews..

It is possible that such a low rating prompted several Bethesda employees to try to do something with the gradually falling reputation of the game. Over the past month, two Starfield developers responded to negative reviews on Steam, explaining to the people who left them that the game is actually very good, and asking them to take into account the efforts that were invested in the development of the scenes.

These answers were first noticed by the JuiceHead user, who shared answers on November 2, November 9 and November 27. The first two answers were published by the developer under the nickname Bethesda_falcoyamaoka, and the latter – Bethesda_kraken. Both of them are most likely working in the support service and were awarded in Steam as official developers.

The general complaint in these negative reviews is that Starfield can become boring, the game is called in them "repeating, soulless routine" With characters, "interesting as a bread row in a grocery store". Bethesda_falcoyamaoka and Bethesda_kraken do not agree with this, claiming that the game is actually not boring, but a large number of boot screens are necessary for "expansive gameplay".

Further, both developers list all the positive aspects of Starfield and give people who left negative reviews, tips on how to get more pleasure from the game. Among these wise tips is to try to create different characters, try to find hidden avantosts and go to a new game+.

Developers’ answers to negative reviews are a rather rare phenomenon in Steam, mainly because any developer knows that such a dispute is lost from the very beginning. It is incredibly strange to see that such a large developer as Bethesda answers in this way, especially when you consider that he argues with purely subjective reviews. It does not look very good, which Bethesda probably already became convinced, having received a portion of insults from Steam users in response.