Palworld developers have prepared an update to solve problems with the Xbox version

If you have not noticed, one of the most high -profile games of 2024 crept unnoticed this week. A new game called Palworld exploded literally from nowhere. The game was shown at several major game events, but outside these first shows, it seemed to be not delayed in the spotlight.

However, now that the game has finally appeared, it has become a real hit. Palworld is almost an analogue of Pokemon, which allows players together with friends to explore a huge open world and catch creatures known as Pala. However, instead of abilities like lightning or something else they have a firearm. Cute creatures and large guns are always a great couple. Just a couple of days after the release, Palworld diverged 3 million copies and, most likely, will be sold even more.

Unfortunately, Palworld was faced with some problems on Xbox. Players notice black screens, errors when entering the game and report various errors that slow down the game. Although some people can enter the game, this causes a lot of inconvenience to those who cannot do this. Palworld manager Palworld Bucky responded to Discord games and noted that they know about problems and have already made updates for Xbox. Unfortunately, the patch should go through the certification process, and they do not know how much time it can take.

We have currently presented a patch for Xbox, which eliminates some problems that were reported. However, the patch cannot be released until the Microsoft certification process passes. We have not yet received any information about the status of this process, but we are trying to contact them to speed up the process. As soon as we learn more, we will immediately inform you about this. We apologize for this annoying situation!

Ideally, this will take no more than a couple of days, but perhaps the process will accelerate, given the huge popularity of the game and the fact that it is the game Xbox Game Pass.