The last update for Star Wars Jedi: Survivor caused a new problem

Yesterday Star Wars Jedi: Survivor received another sixth update that reached the PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The players complained that the developers not only could not cope with the problems of performance, but they also managed to ruin one of the elements of the game. But one step at a time.

Respawn Entertainment has prepared a number of corrections, the main of which is:

  • correction of various errors that cause failures on various platforms;
  • correction of an error blocking the appearance of a bond hunter;
  • Correction of the error, due to which Kaj became invisible;
  • correction of an error that prevents the completion "Find the secret of the trench".

In addition, the authors corrected the handling of blasters, a photograph and a puzzle for Jedze. Also, on the last planet, a training mannequin was turned off and the data of the holopard was updated.

The list above looks quite solid, however, as players on the Reddit forums note, the update does not solve all the problems.

The game still has problems with productivity on the console. If you quickly move the camera, then ruptures appear in the upper part of the screen, the frame rate can fall strongly near water, even in high -quality mode or during symbolic, and there are many visual glitches, for example, the interface elements remain visible longer than they should. The game needed more time (. ).

Another user indicates the slowness of the developers:

The fact that it took them so much time to correct the mistake with the Hunter of the head is abnormal.

The last update also causes. New problems.

The patch completely broke the hungard. She just doesn’t open anymore. In such a game as this, such a mistake makes it insane.

In an official statement, the developers promise that they "They work hard to improve the gameplay in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor". Therefore, players complaining about the state of the game can only wait for the next patches, the release dates of which will become known "As soon as they are defined".