Wheted up additional tasks at Cyberpunk 2077: Phantom Liberty

In the plot addition of Phantom Liberty for Cyberpunk 2077, the first thing that catches the eye of the player is a noticeably improved level of study of all additional tasks. Tasks from fixers, instructions and activity have become more diverse, large -scale and banal better compared to the original game. As it turned out, we owe these improvements to a small reorganization of the CD Projekt RED studio after the failure of the Cyberpunk 2077 in 2020.

Improved elaboration of additional tasks in Phantom Liberty can be associated with a smaller development scale. All the same, this is not a full -fledged game, but only an addition, albeit with a new area for research and plot. Nevertheless, the quest-director of the game Pavel Sasco assures that the scale has nothing to do with. According to him, the studio managed to significantly improve the quality of side activity thanks to the rearrangements of different departments in the studio.

The production process between different units began to take place in a close relationship. We have become "flexible", And the developers who worked on the filling of the open world became part of my unit. Previously, they had to work in isolation from the narrative in a completely different structure.

-explains Pavel Sasco, quest director Cyberpunk 2077.

The key developer also believes that the reason for the improvement of many aspects of Phantom Liberty was the experience gained during the development of the original Cyberpunk 2077. CD Projekt Red is now better understanding how many large -scale development processes are arranged and understand how important transparency and openness between different units are important. All future projects of the studio will create according to a similar model.

Whoever said, and the side effects turned out to be excellent, especially I came in "Interregnum", It can be seen that they tried this time.

Yes, similarly, how Phantom Liberty began to take place, noticed that orders became very interesting and longer, often with an ambiguous choice. And it is unfortunate that in the main game there are an order of magnitude less

uh, it’s a plot, what is the side of?

She belongs to the plot of DLS indirectly, this is a secondary task.

In the sense of indirectly? it directly depends on the events of the DLC

Nothing depends there, the task appears some time after the death of Hensen (which is in any case, Amen) either in the process of passing the plot of the DLS, if you choose a RIDA, or after the end of the plot of the DLS, if you choose a junk.

Yeah, the orders of the fixers in the Fantom Liberty really became more developed and more interesting on the head) The mission about cops is generally carbon fumes)

Fixer, there he is the only one

Rzhach I play the latest version, I already met bugs more than on the release when I passed

It became stuffy in the room

Well xs xs. In a witcher, 3 blood and wine perfectly put a point and summed up the results of the entire game (that the witcher was already breaking the 4th wall with his statements), here it is generally felt as a separate product, which is not like (despite good side effects) to the main game). (You either score for salvation and return to the main branch, or you are being treated and like the end of the IIII all -_- well). It is a pity that it was impossible to pull these events just by the time of the gatherings on the roof.

Just DLS supplements the main game of the second in essence with the ending, "Quiet life", which is at the beginning the chehon asks. And then the choice is yours, or kill yourself in several ways and become a legend, or survive and quietly go into the sunset.

Or they could come up with the 3rd moment for the quest when the bell calls, GG can already become a legend in fact (having cleaned everything and everything, having passed everything and everything). and only then steer in Liberty DLS. I kept to this that they did not reach a little. Well, for example – 1) what prevented him from making the sunset with the Aldekide clan? 2) what prevented him from leaving Judy? 3) what prevented to stay in the bar? That is essentially nothing . All. The listed endings are, but they are connected with the fact that they help us to storm Arasaku in one way or another, but what prevented me from skiping this moment and coming to them by saying it no longer needs. T.e. In fact, we even throw off the quest bell because we go immediately to the DLS (because it would look stupidly cured, but we need treatment). I think the thought brought.

Well, here already "artist" So this sees, we only choose from the proposed options that are personally acceptable for me. I would still know what the ending of the canon, so to speak, the quiet life has not come in, sad somehow and everyone else is banal, except like a secret, there is rock and roll that you need and the ending is encouraging, especially in the context of DLS, if you choose a soy , she looks like there on the moon.

Nuuu personally (I) decided for himself that the ending of the starting story you chose for yourself (as it were stupidly not sounding), but this does not say that the building cannot become a swingean, well, I played out not the same, I am to that if I Started a swinging man, I drowned after Aldekide and drove with Pan into the sunset and at least sadly (that the GG will die anyway), but he will die among the family -_- and as a free person. As a bord, we occupy either a steep villa or a whole bar and rose so much that we make a quest from the blue -eyed (ala outlet, by the way, it was a pity for it not to be hidden as a character and DLS about a casino in an orbit thought that we would come out) if we were a child of streets, then In fact, we don’t need a trait from life anymore for we are the king of these same streets, any dog ​​knows about us (but this option is more suggested by a romance with Judy and a party with shelms). Somehow I see it (options with Distribution of the body of Joni are not considered at all). but DLS Liberty, somehow 50 to 50. The same thing.

Some kind of garbage was written, did not like the sides in freedom at all, almost everyone gives the task, you come, you find out that in fact an eccentric for the letter m is the one who gave the task and perform it not as it was originally proposed. And they are all like that! What is with the murderer of homeless people, what boxers, what with the cleaning of the hospital from the garbage holders.

DLS turned out to be magnificent, but the new ending of the main plot disappointed. Everything somehow ended too stupidly, as if the scriptwriters were absolutely all the same, and they decided to ruin everything and leave it like that.
It is not clear why everyone stopped communicating with the main character, especially if he had an affair with Panama and the Aldekaldo clan. Why couldn’t he just call her and say that there would be an operation now, and he is not sure that he would be with him. But she throws him at the emergency because he did not get in touch for 2 years, TC was to a coma, it is somehow stupid. Victor, who was always independent, became just their puppet.
But the most absurd happened when they talked about implants. They say that he can no longer use them, but why is he still alive? Everything was replaced by him (I judge by his passage). According to Lora, biowares do not load the nervous system, because these are not replaced, but improved parts (leather, muscles, and so on). So why was absolutely all implants took from him?
In general, they wanted to create a happy ending, but it turned out the most terrible ending due to its stupidity and inconsistencies. Having completed its story, Vi has already become a legend of Night City. There is no "A quiet life". He has an impressive "achievement list", a variety of skills, rich experience and connections with the influential figures of Night City. In addition, he had a lot of money, a unique weapon and cars that can be sold. He is a person who is known to almost everyone in Night City.
Why in the end he is shown as an absolutely useless character, although with his experience he could become the successor of Morgan Blackhand, who twisted the entire Verses of Cyberpan, including Smesher, who miraculously survived after a clash in the Arasaki tower.

I think to download still play CP2077 2.0 with DLC

Personally, I have so far have just reached the call of Soyka (vacuumed the tasks of fixers and activity) with further hit in the psinburg and.. I don’t know, but the atmosphere of the DLC is already much more at the very beginning "Fat", than in the original game. Underground automated parking, this market. I’ll see how the plot and quest component generally look. And something tells me – it will be better than in the main plot.

All is just the plot of the addition there is a corridor shooter, and therefore much more worked out

It remains only to finalize the dopes from the main game and will be gorgeous

They are growing and this is a fact. Phantom Liberty in everything is an order of magnitude better than the main game. Maybe besides the physics of transport management, it has not changed in any way to regret.

That is, the developers still went through the game themselves, finally

In short, everything was written off for the pandemic and remote. Okay, let’s give them a second chance)

CP2077 also had good side effects. I didn’t complain about it. It’s good that DLC also did not cheat.

In the main game, sideways are also gorgeous. What is only a business or even a monk with his "Zenom". Yes, full of cool side effects in the game. No need to say that supposedly only in DLC everything is done as it should in this regard – this is not so. In the main game, too, everything was ok, no matter what he said, how for me.

It’s a pity that DLC is one thing. I would like more.

After a sudden hype in the direction of their game, rads can also change their mind about DLS and still slightly scratch the cow carrying golden eggs))

Very hardly. The shares of Nehilo fell so after the release of the DLS, about 50 percent somewhere.

That and the plot of norms, at the end, as much as he launched a tear either by a Reed or Jike, it’s a pity to be saved both

It is possible, at least the ending for Reed, this implies

Well, I don’t know both saved, and they saved me.

And in general, you can choose a jay, and then take the side of Reed when it will be unconscious. In this case, all inclusive Alex will be saved