The creators of Star Wars Outlaws talked about the nature and motivation of Kay Ves

When it comes to history, regardless of the media in which it is presented, you should have the main character with whom the audience could find various points of contact. This character is not necessarily good/bad. He just should be interesting enough for the audience to believe in him. Over the years of its existence, Ubisoft has created many unique heroes, and the upcoming game Star Wars Outlaws was no exception. According to the plot of the game, the events of which will take place within the framework of the original movie trilogy, we will get acquainted with Kay Wesser, a robber, which is very different from other heroes that we met in this galaxy. According to representatives of Ubisoft, it was planned from the very beginning.

Game Informer interviewed the director of the narrative of the game Navid Khavari, in which he said that the setting, temporary framework and emphasis on Kay as a thief and criminal were important to determine the direction of the game. But when asked about who Kay is and what her opinion was about the empire and the Jedi, he answered the following:

Kay and her satellite NIX are fighting for survival every day, relying on their thieves’ skills and resourcefulness. Kay’s dream – get a jackpot that will allow her to live freely and find her place in the galaxy. This is especially true after the robbery fails, and it suddenly becomes one of the most wanted in the galaxy. Involuntarily, she has to join the criminal world and take care of the criminal syndicates in order to commit one of the greatest robberies that the Galaxy only saw.

This aspect was very important for us. She has not yet formed her opinion about the struggle between the empire and the uprising. When Kay grew up, she was aimed only to succeed, which would help her and Niksa arrange her life and save her from the need to be in the list of the most wanted in the galaxy. As for the empire, like the majority of the residents of the Galaxy during this period, it perceives it as a despotistical force that spread throughout the galaxy. But in fact, they are only an obstacle in her way when she travels around the criminal world in order to rob her whole life.

He also noted that Kay quickly thinks, hot -tempered and "Ready to take a chance to everyone", To get what she wants, but at the same time she does not quite understand what it means to be in this galaxy against the background of everything that is happening. For example, by virtue, she may believe, or may not believe that she resembles another adventurer, whom we have already met earlier is a khan Solo, who, as you remember, before meeting with Luke Skywalker and Obi-Wang Kenobi then he believed in force. However, regardless of all his bravado, there is a certain insecurity in it, which I liked very much and his colleagues in the command of Star Wars Outlaws.

As for her character, it was very important for us that Kay was a newcomer. She is ready to risk everything, has a quick mind, a little hot -tempered, but at the same time she had not yet fully understood herself. It has self -critical vulnerability, which we consider very appropriate, and we strive to ensure that it is easily recognizable as a character that experiences events that can be extremely difficult in any world, whether it be a galaxy "Star Wars" or not.

Let’s hope that when we get acquainted with the adventures of Kay Ves and Nyx in full, we will enjoy traveling and the hope that everything will end as she wants.