New screenshots and teaser-trailer the shooter The Day Before

The long-awaited MMO score for the survival of The Day Before from FNTASTIC received a new teaser trailer, as well as several new details of the gameplay.

You can see a short, but, nevertheless, an attractive trailer below. Together with the trailer, a new interview with the developer of the game was published "FNTASTIC", In which some additional details of the game process are revealed, as well as information about the console release of the game and a possible beta version.

The game The Day Before, inspired by such games as The Last of Us and The Division, is a post-apocalyptic MMO score for survival with the open world in which players explore the city of skyscrapers "New Fortune City".

"The Day Before is a post -apocalyptic sandbox with the open world", – The developer said, answering the question of the main gameplay of the game and whether there will be plot missions in it. "Here, players will have the opportunity to completely immerse themselves in this new world, exploring a huge horn city called New Fortune City, buying houses and vehicles and creating unique, personal stories along the way. Although our game is mainly focused on the fighter’s fight with the player, we will also include tasks in it aimed at restoring society. In The Day Before, the fate of mankind is really in your hands".

We know that The Day Before will be released on a PC on November 10 after that at the beginning of this year was postponed due to problems with the brand, but what about the version of the game for the next generation consoles? According to the developer, initially the team focused on the version for the PC, but the console versions are really planned.

More information about versions for PS5/XSX will be provided after the release of the game on the PC. "We are pleased to confirm that The Day Before will first be released on a PC scheduled for November 10", – The team said in an interview. "Immediately after the release, we will share the road map of future updates so that our players are involved and interested. This roadmap will include new functions and additions to content, emphasizing our desire for the continuous development of the game. First, we will focus on the PC platform, but be sure, in line – console versions. The release dates of console versions will be announced shortly after launch on the PC, so follow the updates".

Interestingly, the team also plans a closed beta testing of the game. "Although we do not consider the possibility of releasing early access, we plan to conduct the stage of closed beta testing before the game launch".