The next Dying Light 2 update is aimed at making players “shit in pants”

Techland continues to work hard on creating a new content and updating Dying Light 2 for those who still jump and slide along Villedor. Earlier this year, Techland announced the roadmap of updates that will appear during 2023 and will include many interesting additions and new plot content. The next update promises to give players a new night experience, increasing the intensity for those who step into the city in the dark.

Wandering around the night city and so it was quite terrible, but the director of Dying Light 2 Taimon Smectala is sure that the new experience will make it "Even worse" For players. Speaking about the horror genre, Smectal explained that Techland plans "squeeze out of the game everything possible" And use new ones "gameplay mechanics, visual tricks and sound effects", to make players "shit to your pants". This is a fairly promising sign for all those who seemed that moving along the streets in the dark was not enough tense.

Horror became a huge part of the Dying Light DNA, so we will support them in the game and further. Our next update, planned at the beginning of summer, is devoted to this – we strengthen the night experience, making it even more terrible. We hope to create a tense atmosphere that will make our players give a shit of pants. We plan to use all the possibilities – gameplay mechanics, visual tricks, sound accompaniment. Get ready!

This is not a very delicate way to say that the new night experience will be worse, but if you want to get delicacy from Dying Light, then you probably came to the wrong address. Nevertheless, this statement radiates confidence, and it seems that Techland has many new and interesting tactics in the sleeve in order to carefully scare those who dare to explore at night.

As for when we get a new plot content, Techland recently promised that the second large expansion of DLC for Dying Light 2 will be released before the end of the year, and also stated that it would transfer players to a completely new place and "It will not be like anything that you have seen in the Dying Light series still". The developer also claims that it will be larger, much more plot and will answer some long -standing questions that have long been revolving around the Dying Light community. These are quite serious promises, but Techland is more than sure that they can fulfill them.