Update 1.6 for Honkai: Star Rail – a new story at Gertha space station

At the end of this year. December 27, for Honkai: Star Rail, another update is released 1.6 which will add several interesting stories in familiar locations, and will also introduce new characters into the history.

The arena for the main events will be the gear space station well familiar to all players. In the new area called isolated zone, players will faced the consequences of Zhuan May’s experiments to create biological copies. Yourself "consequences" In the person, copies of the Lord of the beetles led to education "The old crater of wormhole". Its elimination has to work.

Juan May – 5* Ice character, next along the path of harmony. Member of the Society of Geniuses No. 81 and an expert in the field of biological sciences. One of the founders of the Virtual Universe project, but prefers to stay in the shadow. Its skill repeated melody of string singing increases the speed and effectiveness of penetration of vulnerability for all allies. Juan May analyzes the vulnerability of opponents and increases the effect of punching.

Dr. Rio – second 5* renewal character. Type minimum walking along the path of hunting. If the Society of geniuses is the best minds from various areas, but they work one by one, then the guild of the erudites to which the character belongs, on the contrary, advocates the spread of knowledge, and therefore the organization is so great and includes many followers. Adhering to strict rules, Dr. Rio always monitors the effects of enemy weakening during the battle. The more weakening in the chosen enemy, the higher the probability of a bonus-attack from the doctor.

Suei will become 4* a renewal character. It is a quantum type, the path of destruction. Her bodies are no more, and now she is just a doll, the body of which is made by order of the commission of ten lords. For each capture of the criminal, Xuei can return to the world of the living for half a day. Like her sister Hanya, Suei is incredibly strong in battle. Suei’s super -resistance Divine punishes quantum damage to the chosen enemy and exhausts his resistance, ignoring the types of his vulnerabilities.

The main event will be "Exotic pets". The player will have to grow many delightful small creatures, choosing the starting parameters and the desired goals. The confusion hall will also be updated, a new stage in the virtual universe will be added: "Gold and gears" (Stage and tests are associated with new characters and their "experiments").