The release of a cheerful Budemap Bud Spencer & Terents Hill – Slaps and Beans 2 took place

The cult film audite Terents Hill and Bad Spencer lit up in countless films, the most famous in the genre of spaghetti western.

And now, after the success of the original game Slaps and Beans 2017, they returned in a new adventure. Bud Spencer & Terensa Hill – Slaps and Beans 2 promises even more bizarre outputs of this duet, this time in the very heart of Africa.

The Slaps and Beans 2 combat system improved compared to the first game promises exciting battles in the old school style, which you can enjoy with a partner in a local cooperative.

The game also has a set of mini-games, which can be played repeatedly in a special party for parties with the participation of up to four players. You no longer need to limit the time of the game with one friend, because now even more players can take part in chaos.

Cool duet from childhood)

They still look normal now. Unlocked classic.

The film is just fire)

And I like where they were police officers

The craft is as -so as it seems.
But the duet is really legendary. I love their films.

Great game for disclosing potential 4090

I feel a nonsense in the world of games

Uraaaa. Pixels again. = (

In my opinion, the toy does not look bad (I’m not talking about graphone), I think it’s worth a try

Another trash of shame of shame for real money

It looks fun, to run the evening with a friend to wrap someone, it’s bad?

Well, such an approach and film industry at first erupted that now all the films are not that the thread is normal and interesting, but to cling the popcorn with a friend, looking at the full UG hat and then the game industry is not just bad, but the ultra is bad

Come on, I’m not saying that this is a new top AAA, but a completely tolerable niche game “Beat them Up” of the genre, there is generally everything in this format, no one had complained before. The industry is spoiled by such vysers as the sulfidr and the gazebo.

Previously, a similar srach was trillion times less than a tc site of type of shame, before Yandy Tryshak did not take, and no one could sell it all on a normal product … The fact that the Starfield would be clear immediately after the announcement of the TC space setting with an unrealistically huge world, the priori did not It may be interesting to fill this with content with real years of 50 years and not a five -year plan for JVA of the year … And in general, units managed to make space setting interesting … And the fact that this negatively affects the industry is also a consequence of such an indie TC, everyone watches statistics in the gazebo and Warring to which potiles the client plays and make it a little better but the same UG … So the market is now working and magazils are corrupt for a free copy of the Uzheshki 110 out of 10

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