The head of CD Projekt spoke about Project Hadar, the new ambitious RPG-French

Much has to be done – this is the word that defines the future CD Projekt. In a recent interview with the Polish portal, Adam Kichinsky, the general director of the company, spoke about the desire of the company to remain independent and maintain freedom of creativity, about the development of the Project Polaris, the new game on The Witcher, and the Project Orion, the new Cyberpunk franchise game.

In addition to the new The Witcher, which is responsible for the Polish CD Projekt Red, and Cyberpunk from the North American CD Projekt Red, there is a new IP in production, on which separate studios are working. Without revealing the details, the Project Hadar was announced with Polaris and Orion some time ago, and we are talking about the new universe, a completely new and authentic franchise, which will follow the basic principles of CD Projekt Red as a company.

During the Kichinsky interview, they asked about Project Hadar, and commenting on this project, he said that many had already considered a priority after the project was announced earlier: this is a new action-RPG. As for the ambitions Project Hadar, he said:

The situation with Hadar differs from the situation with The Witcher and Cyberpunk, because now we ourselves have created the whole world from scratch. Now we are at the stage of development of the concept, design the world, describe and illustrate it with concept arts and implement a graphic style. This is not the stage of developing the game".

Nevertheless, he did not hide the fact that CD Projekt Red sets himself a clear goal:

Now I can’t say much. However, I can assure you that Hadar will be a very interesting new concept for pop culture, designed to achieve the same heights as The Witcher and Cyberpunk. That is, our goal with Hadar is to create something that will take an honorable place between our two current franchises, to become a wonderful, good RPG with an open world, without competing with our existing universal".

In addition to Project Hadar, as well as the new The Witcher and the new Cyberpunk, the CEO of CD Projekt Red spoke about the 2024 year as a whole for the company and noted that its other studios are also engaged in work on many side projects.

In addition to Polaris [The Witcher], Orion [Cyberpunk] and Hadar [New IP], we continue to work on Project Sirius (new game in The Witcher universe) in our own studio The Molasses Flood in the United States.

We are also developing the remake of the first game of The Witcher franchise in our Fool’s Theory studio in cooperation with CD Projekt Red Vancouver. In general, in 2024 we will develop 4 large games at the same time, of course, in different phases and with different intensity".

However, this does not mean that CD Projekt will subside next year. Within the framework of the concept of what we call "flywheel" franchise, we planned various events. However, while we cannot reveal any details.