The actor voicing Jensen from Deus Ex is outraged by the and generators: “You need my voice? Pay me “

More and more actors playing in games and giving their images to the characters express indignation at the spread of artificial intelligence algorithms, which can already generate, for example, dialogs.

Following the indignant Erica Lindbek (actress, voicing a footbag in Persona 5), ​​who with rejection found videos with her voice generated by AI, the actor, who voiced more than 20 games, including Starfield (SAM, expressed her opinion about such mechanisms. COU) and deux ex (Adam Jensen).

Tuskussis said that the use of artificial intelligence systems to generate votes "is theft", Having commented on the creation of a fan fashion for Cyberpunk 2077, which introduces the voice of Adam Jensen from Deux Ex (with new remarks that have never been pronounced by the actor).

There are two things about this.
1- This should not be. Do you want my voice to sound in the game? Pay me.
2- people everywhere make mods on Adam Jensen, showing how still he is popular, and we did not make the new Deus Ex. This is madness.

AI in itself is theft. He simply steals the fruits of labor of artists and rearranges them depending on what the user at the moment requires. Why do you want to remove humanity from art?

By the way, the actor introduced the Picchu, on which he recalls the characters, who gave his voice, writing at the same time that "Much is still ahead". So we are waiting for the disclosure of new roles in which we will hear the voice of Tusksis, who recently voiced Sam Cu from Starfield.

I have a long story with games. Here are a few guys whom I voiced or shot on camera.

And much is still ahead!

meaningless bail.
Tomorrow will be "invent" Voices themselves. the day after tomorrow – master the acting. So, you need to earn some other.
Constantly some professions go into history – this is the norm.

That’s when this will happen, then we must say, but for now they use the voice of a particular person.

And a person will not need a person over time, why is it too trifling. Drink, eat, create, dream, die, study by mistakes, why we do it, degenerate and let Skynet rightly manage to all existing. You are what the leather wanted .

It should be useful for society ?

Meaningless bail? You generally understand that now AI in plus the minus of human form can replace any profession? I, as a surgeon, understands perfectly that the operation is a set of actions that the robot with hands will perform faster and most likely will not make errors. On the one hand, one pluses, on the other, why will a person need it at all? And even more so Ilon Musk said: why will a person need a person? But why think about it. Meaningless bail, dizlykite this post, gentlemen.

You did not catch the essence, I’m not talking about benefit, but about the fact that this is only the beginning. And what will you do later with millions of people who suddenly disappeared their profession ? Well, yes, they no longer benefit society, so we are crossing. Well, the methods of crossing out, over the past 3 years, it has appeared, straight by accident, in bulk)

A strange tendency to people who make a mod on pure enthusiasm. This is originally a story where there is no monetary component, so it is strange to demand payment, at least.

He is interested in paying him, since this is his work and his voice, and you theoretically steal a potential earnings with him with the help of his own voice.

His work is not here, that’s the point. In this fashion, he did not spend a minute.And the fact that the modulations on the oscilograph will coincide with his voice – well, so dude, twist, will not be your voice.

1. I said about the potential earnings that he may lose due to such "savings" 2. Fans need precisely his voice, as similar as possible, otherwise there is simply no sense, and they themselves could voice.

1. That for him "Earnings" – for someone financial expenses. And if I did not spend what you can get for free, then I earned 🙂

2. Fans "used to it" to his voice, but this does not mean that they need him right. You can generally re -call his character in the original part and in mods and will look harmonious.

2. Well, then there are no problems if fans are not needed and they themselves can.)

Writers: Hey, this text AI was trained using my text! Pay for each generation of any text. Even if he has nothing to do with my style!

Artists: Hey, this art AI was trained using my pictures! Pay for each generation of any picture. Even if she has nothing to do with my style!

Musicians: Hey, this audio AI was trained using my music! Pay for each generation of any track. Even if he has nothing to do with my style!

Voice Actors: Hey, this sound AI was trained using my voice! Pay for each generation of any line. Even if I would never have said it anyway!

It could make sense if it were used for commercial purposes, and what to demand from the moderators? What next, 3D modellers participating in creating the game will begin to demand money for mods for skins and models, because they use the original as a basis?

Yes, only this idea was quickly blown away (or not?) There seemed attempts to sell mods on Skyrim =)

Yes, then they were packed on torrents and swing 🙂

In the dreams of science fiction, AI performs dangerous for a person and simply hard physical work. And a person is busy with art and new development horizons. After all, domestic difficulties are defeated. In fact, AI steals intellectual and creative work, leaving people with physical labor that does not require education. Dangerous work that can be died or die due to harmful conditions poisoning workers years. AI will take the meaning of education. You can not leave everything in this form. But "Here and now" Grasping grandmas is more important than to think where it leads.

Welcome to capitalism)

It’s like complaining that the human brain does not perform heavy physical work instead of muscles. AI is one thing, but robots are completely different.

Oh yeah. Unfortunately.

Dobrooo Moroo, Knight City!

World history clearly shows us that as soon as there was an opportunity to replace a person, people have always done this. For example, thanks to neural networks, all games will be released with English voice acting.

Drinking last, while someone remembers their voices, in the future the neuron will generate any possible voices at all without the use of acting votes and much more suitable characters, their voices only use neuroncashes, then any vote will generate, any tonality itself, any vote. with hoarse and sonorous and so on, etc., someone’s voices and rights to them will not be needed at all, instead of dozens of actors, one will be able to play the emotions of all the characters and then the neural male and female voices will then be applied.

A person who received money thanks to the industry of the exploiting idea of ​​the development of technologies of the future is dissatisfied with the logical development of these technologies.

It’s not funny anymore! People demand money just for what it is? The actor is paid not for the voice, not for appearance, but for the talent to play a given role. Such claims would be appropriate for announcements. Even the most beautiful voice voiced (and not playing) the character will not make him good.

Then Baba demands to love her for the fact that she is a woman, then black awaits respect for the fact that he is black. This is not an achievement, this is not a skill, it is not in demand by others of quality. And now they also ask for money.

The actor sells talent, and is trying to trade "accompanying goods", On the kind of appearance, voice, image. AI separates actors from "Actors", since he is still very far from real artists.

They just understand that they will not be needed soon, so they are furious

The bazaar is zero. It all started with the struggle of women for their rights.When feminism was still real. And now every Shafka requires some kind of belonging to himself.Call themselves offended, infringed and oppressed.Whether it are blacks, trances and other misunderstandings living in the most developed countries of the world, and having more privileges and opportunities than anyone on the whole planet.In Africa, blacks are still sitting in mud.But American nigers are still sure that they suffer the most.

Hmm, someone really does not want to go to work at the factory)

Boys from the region will force!)

So cars are already working at the factories, he needs to go to some underdeveloped country, damn it, and in underdeveloped countries there are no factories, and then what should he do!
All the same, in vain, he studied acting!

Welcome to the future of Robots AI replace human labor, this is inevitable

First, work, and then the people themselves, the Terminator or something did not look?

Well, yes, everything is like people, wives, children, mortgages, sewing the curtains.

You say it like that is something bad. Ugly leather bag with bones.

Well, a small microprocessor will also be necessary "To cultivate"!

John Conor lost,. Skynet looked at the terminator and went on the other side.

And what prevents the programmer from introducing the most not audible to the person’s ear of a change in this very with a generated voice. An ordinary person will not notice, and the specialist will immediately determine the differences. The courts, if these fans of freebies begin to file claims, will listen to an expert who will categorically declare that there are not even 90% of the identity of the voice.

The court will require neuronok logs. And lo and about a miracle, there will be a list of files from the game dees ex. or there will be no logs and this will already be a violation of the Law on Software Learning. Square. By the way, soon.

You are strange to insanity. What, someone who voiced Deus only and lived with this game? There is absolutely no one at all at all the voice of this person? What logs? Bred?

Tell the peasants with a plow and a horse, they are still angry with the tractor

After 5 years. Games developers will already voice their games with the help of trained neural networks. Why pay a ton of money to different actors. If you just pay for English localization and transfer it to all other languages ​​of the world. Many people will lose their jobs.

And it will be good, millions of loafers will be forced to go to work in the real sector of the economy

So let him voice the character in 20+ languages. No? Well, call.

From a part, this is sad and not fair, but progress cannot be stopped, so Hare to whine and go to the factory))

Well, so straight theft. Borrowing. It is a pity for leather artists, of course, and uncontrolled borrowing will lead to even more and rapid degradation, but they themselves borrow, constantly. At the same time, those artists who honestly create something original, new, they will not be left without work. But it will be tight for some time and the requirements for originality will increase. In general, the next phase of the natural (or metesthetic) selection.

A and voice is no longer your voice. Should pay only for the process of work, for the recording process. And when your voice is already recorded and somewhere else is used after, where to pay for it suddenly? For nothing, actors want to receive grandmas. Completely the shores confused, in my opinion.

For some reason, builders do not ask to pay extra for the built house, for the fact that someone in the future opened a restaurant and earns very cool on this built house. Builders take a fee only for the construction process. In this sense, the actors of the voice acting are insolent. Actors want to receive a fee not only for the process of recording their voice, but also for using this entry in the future? Is it normal? Or maybe the builders then need to start paying extra for the fact that someone uses their built building in the future?

For some reason, the tailor does not ask for an additional fee for the fact that you wear it sewn tailor clothes. The tailor takes the grandmother only for the process of work. For the time spent on sewing. In a good way, actors must take a fee only for the process of work, for the recording process. And what they do with the voice after the recording, the actor should not touch. As well as the tailor does not concern, what will you do with his clothes.

The actors of the voice acting are egoists. The profession will disappear? Even if so – what’s the difference? In the world, an acute lack of workers in various areas of life. And no AI will never replace a person by 100%. The actor can always go to another profession. I do not see any disaster in this.

And in general, even the Internet stole a huge number of professions. And now? To refuse the Internet or something? To return the profession back? Just imagine how a huge number of printed paper publications were closed due to the appearance of the Internet? Millions have lost their jobs. And what. Let’s return to everyone the work and ban the Internet – so whether? In my opinion, logical.