Players in Mortal Kombat 11 are outraged due to advertising Hogwarts Legacy inside the game

Bloody fighting fighting Kombat 11 recently received a new update, and, according to many players, it is bad. Instead of presenting new content or updating the quality of life, Hogwarts Legacy advertisement appeared on the main screen, despite the fact that these two franchises have practically nothing to do with each other.

As soon as you launch Mortal Kombat 11, the first thing you will see will be a trailer for Hogwarts Legacy, as well as an invitation to go to the store page. This is not all, since the advertising banner of the game, which was previously used to advertise goods, at least vaguely related to Mortal Kombat, will still be displayed at the top of the screen

The justification for the game is that both games are published by the same studio, WB Games. But this is not too convincing, since other products belonging to WB did not receive such a platform for advertising. Even another fighting, Multiversus, which probably could have benefited from more fame before he was sent to oblivion. In addition, there is practically no similarity between these two games.

The patch made Avad Kedavvalii players..

Harry Potter and Voldemort in the next part, how playable Persians will introduce)

And it would be interesting to look at their fatalics =)

if they introduce, then only Vova. xs where the Hogwarts Legacy here, but in Roster it will look quite appropriate.

You buy a game, you also get an advertisement for clearly non -game content, what is the bottom.

Just movie moves got to the games. You come to the cinema, watch a bunch of advertising before the film, and then after, unless of course you dump the credits before.

Yes, where does the movie moves, but they don’t interrupt the film in the cinema and do not show advertising intrusively, and as far as I remember, the trailers have always shown. What is not so bad. And here in the game directly advertising.

I look, they will not calm down with this advertisement, devils

Thanks for the WB advertising, but I still won’t buy your hogvarts)

We survived. Now the advertising has already begun to shove games. And then what? They will shove into the air? Just went outside, inhaled the air and hear an advertisement for some kind of beer, or a movie. Everyone who was there, with their advertisements,. What again convinces me that piracy is priceless. It is better to be a pirate and play without advertising and other garbage than buy a license and raping yourself with all kinds of nonsense today.

You do not need any additional arguments to convince the priceless piracy, and vice versa, no arguments will convince you of this.

I can convince me only one. If the developers cease to suffer a garbage and start: 1. Make good games. 2. Stop plunging donat in games and other garbage. 3. They will be able to truly do for a PC game, with good optimization. 4. And they will cease to suffer a garbage, such as the need to connect to the Internet, downloading a million launches and various utilities or stabbing advertising in the game. As well as cutting content from the game and its sale as a separate DLC. Now, if all this will be taken into account, and the games will begin to do really good, releasing the hit after a hit, for everyone and with great accessibility, then I can convince me to quit piracy and start buying licenses. And until then, Gulkin is hell with them, not my money!

By the way, I have only Assassins Creed 2, Hitman: Blood Money, Ultimate Spider-Man, GTA 4 Episodes of Liberty City and Stalker: Clean sky. In my opinion there is something else, but I don’t remember that. But not to look at the hunt, because you have to open the nightstand and climb to see what is too lazy to do. At the same time, all these games are a physical license copy. All the rest is more than 1000, games on the disks, as well as downloaded from the Internet, pirates from past times.

During the piracy on the discs, this was the same (advertising all sorts of pans), now the advertisement of Joy Kozlina on screens =)

I haven’t met this before. I have all sorts of discs with the magazines that I wrote out like a country of games, a spire, gameplay and the like. There are even a couple of gambling disks, but there are no adhesives on them. Only advertising stores with games, or games themselves, but in the form of trailers.

What does it mean? It was always so. From the 90s, advertising games are shoved in games. This is a normal phenomenon. Moreover, in the 90s this was even more often than today in 2023. Previously, on CD discs in the main menu of some games, even a special section came across advertising trailers of other games. This was practiced both on license and pirates. Advertising of games inside games is normal, starting from the 90s. Not chewing gum with chips advertise. And games. I see nothing wrong with the game inside the games there was an advertisement for other games. This is my opinion since the 90s and it has not yet changed.

This advertisement even in MK10 is present, at least on consoles

And why minus, I just supplemented the news that they will advertise in MK 10 (

I think soon and for the PC they will make advertising in MK10) times already to the PC MK11, they got that they interfere with the PC MK10?)

It is as if WB is not satisfied with the result of the sale of Hogwarts Legacy, so they bother this game as advertising.

PC Gaming turns into an Android Gaming

In indjustis 2, by the way, it is 😁

I have an advertisement for the 2nd battalion commander in the ultimate version.

How no? like a guest character, but what a wand is a wand) is still a sorcerer, a magician who will save strength and then extinguish to fully: turn over and reset back; Four..

And fatalics are so charm in general: exhaustion.

Yeah, too, went today, did not understand the joke

In Industis 2, I noticed how it was in general, and did not pay attention

Capitalism of a pure look, that’s why I should see this Call during the game?

I see nothing bad about it. Advertising of other games from the late 90s is quite normal. I remember inside the packaging of the CDs inserted advertising booklets. And in the main game menu there were advertising buttons with trailers of different games. In my opinion, the idea is cool. Games are advertised in games. What you need for a gamer! Well, honestly, not chewing gum with a coal, they advertise you. For outrage I see no reason. The usual thing from the 90s. 2023 is no worse. So why not be in games advertising games?

Even Demki shoved in discs with original (other) games in the past

I remember I had a desser spyro on a disk with Crash, or the other way around.

Rather, on the contrary, you need to do.

Pegach, such a pegach. It is amazing that this is generally a site about games. The first time they hear about advertising in the game for the first time, as if it had never been anywhere before. Already a persistent feeling that percent of 90 people attending the site do not play at all.

Adding Harry Potter as a playable character would be funny. It looked interesting on it

I can’t understand – the publisher has no right to shove his own advertising in his own game?Or he forcibly forced you to buy Hogwarts?what a clowning.

It’s funny, like Pogorelians out of the blue with a pug, the buzzes were soldered and began to shout)) Let us – the census of miserable is declared open!)