Information about the location, plot, cooperative and evacuation mode Far Cry 7 leaked to the network

It is safe to assume that Ubisoft is currently working on the next Far Cry game, since this franchise of the shooter is one of their most successful and popular IPs.

However, we do not have official confirmation from the publisher that one of their studios is really busy with the next far Cry, so the fresh leakage that will be discussed should be perceived with a share of skepticism.

The leak occurred from the scandalous 4Chan forum, where one of the authors shared a bunch of details about Far Cry: Rise, the new game Far Cry is supposedly so called.

In addition, the action of the game will take place on a remote tropical island in the Yellow Sea near Korea. The story seems to be very similar to the one that was in Far Cry 6. In fact, you are fighting with the North Korean dictator Choi San Pila, who, apparently, is played by actor Lee Jeon Zhe ("Play of squid"). In Far Cry: Rise, the players take on the role of Andrew or the mines of Pak, Korean idols who must learn to survive and save his brother/sister from the growing rebel movement.

The campaign will support a joint game of up to four players, and will be a new game mode called Conquest, which is largely a copy of the luters-shutters such as Hunt: Showdown, Escape from Tarkov and Call of Duty Warzone. 2.0. This correlates with previous rumors that the new multiplayer game Far Cry has the code name Project Maverick.

We also received information that Far Cry will refuse the Dunia engine, which has been used for this series since Far Cry 2, in favor of the Snowdrop from the Massive Entertainment engine, on which the The Division series and the coming Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora operate.

In any case, we must once again note that these are just rumors, so you should not perceive information as the truth. Even if the information is really reliable, games can radically change during development, so what was true a year ago may not be such today.

It is expected that Far Cry 7 will be released on a PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S somewhere in the coming years.