In Starfield you can travel between planets without fast movement, but it will take a lot of time

Sony Santa Monica’s screenwriter and former journalist of the video game Alan Pierce took advantage of the possibility provided by the Bethesda Starfield spacecraft, to find out if you can really use a spacecraft to overcome huge distances that share planets without using fast movement.

Alan thus tried to answer one of the questions asked by the community in recent months. Once on board the “Frontier”, it reached the solar system and gave maximum energy to the engines of the spacecraft to advance to the boundaries of our planetary system.

As soon as Pluto was installed as an ultimate goal, the Pierce continuously traveled within seven hours and found that yes, you can achieve any planet in your system without using a quick journey.

Thus, as Alan Pierce testifies, the view from the portholes of spaceships is not static skyboxes, but are generated by a realistic and completely “three-dimensional” way to present the exact location of the celestial bodies indicated on the mini-map.

And the fact that it was not a planet, but an empty sphere with texture, we will modestly keep silent. Strimmersha not only flew to Pluto, but also flew right into it. She could not sit on the planet, for lack of it.

Jerry Pluto is not a planet !

Pluto dwarf planet since 2006

No one promised you that you can sit on the planets seamlessly. But the very fact is that there is space in the game and it is huge, this is a fat plus to the game, thereby shut up his mouth to the haters

I will tell you a secret, in all games about the space of the planet in space – spheres with textures, or you thought you are holding landscapes there? 🤣 Just at the moment when you reach the right distance, there is a transition from a dummy sphere to the landscape. Someone has the transition to be implemented so that you will not understand that it was a transition, but someone hangs up and the Pustosteshkovna sphere is abruptly on the landscape. And by the way so as not to argue further, I was doing so.K I work in Gamdev for myself (Indie Developer).

There is no huge cosmos, there is a million mini locations with a dark skybox. There is a cosmos in Elite or a citizen (and this is that it is not done by it), but even in the sky there is more space than here. I say as a fan of cosmosimov, space here is shit1.

Why are these articles? If I write that in Skyrim, you can also travel without quick movement, legs, will it be worthy of news?))

Yes, no matter how bonuses, the work of moving, interesting movement, this is an excellent gameplay function, no one needs quick movements, it is interesting to travel at times, find new planets, reach them with different ships and pinched to the planet to explore it. The fact that they are empty is a different conversation. For example, in the witcher3 superly interesting to swim around the seas of Skelig and find anything. A person above just a little writes a lies. If a mod appears for speed, it will be excellent, despite the void of the game. And about the developments, they promised and as always they lied

It remains only to make a mod at super speed, it will not be bad, even if you fly a couple of minutes, it will already look natural

Some cheap excuses that space is a static picture and no more.We would look at how to make movements through Systems in SpaceBorn 2, Elite Dangerous or other games.Yes, nowhere is there such a squalor.And the answer itself looks like an undisguised rudeness.You were told that this is a masterpiece, the game of the century, blah the game of the millennium, and you are asking for some nonsense here, instead of admiring our wretched Aries!

Starfield is a failure?

Every day, this game is about 20 news, in Steam she has a good online and this is not even a release – and as you think, or not?

The fact that the game is cheat, it must be taken into account that 95% of these people did not even play the game. And those who played – played without normal translation, and many even without it, and played the game of the gazebo, at the start, which is a little stupid.

Also, in YouTube and so on – quite a lot of people they cut the game.

Unfortunately, played.

Unfortunately, I played what most people write here at all is not true. It’s good that I didn’t buy the game))), but a comrade, I would probably have bombed mercilessly if I bought it myself.

I like it so far, then everything is ok.

The design is cool, boats, costumes, weapons, objects – artists fellow.

But playing it is categorically boring, Syuzhut does not carry away at all and there is no sensation of a cosmic adventure at all.

There is also no epic music.

Starfield is sometimes funny, I accidentally received a new ship in the game, with a hold of 5 times more than at the starting.

I studied the first planet, went into some jungle, and there the ship stands and the colonists around the roast. Well, I hacked the hatch, I thought I would plunder, but it turned out that you could sit down on the pilot chair after that and stupidly fly away. And the ship began to be considered "mine", the game even congratulated me on the acquisition.

I am extremely worried about the fate of the colonists.

On the planet, where the first city is according to the plot, only in the location, where are scientists, I am the same boat now "mine" Meet.. Also a beautiful thing under the sunrise. I just don’t know if it is possible to fly to it..

They are colonists, let the terrigator live up.))

Well, they wanted to colonize. Forward.

In 1-3 parts of Mass Effect, flights were realized much cooler and, with all the simplicity of implementation, the flight was interesting with a small boat with the calculation of fuel and the search for fossils. It was just cool as possible, discover, do the collection to find something and fly there. The scale of the then planets and landscapes was also impressive. Immediately so many things were piled on the game. Vacuuming everything under clean, the place ends – you go dump and again new. Okay with the optimization that is lame. She is pulled up. But here is the stupidity of AI, emptiness, the bottom of the royal render in dark places, the wretchedness of animation. You can still count it somehow for excusable. But this is not the level of 2023. The game of some kind of interesting thing in this set, is simply morally obsolete. I see. Plus there is no involvement. Like an ambition of the project is like an old Citizen, but it didn’t work out to mind. You stupidly come across a mass, a ton of shortcomings. Where to fly, what to do, just in vast expanses without any clear goals. There is a plot, but each NPS will try to distract you for tens of hours, removing from the main tasks. As a result, you are in 100 or 60 hours, all vacuum. Fly, sell, return, and do it again. Comparison with RDR 2 is extremely unsuccessful. The world has been worked out there, and lives itself. Yes, damn it in RDR 2 If they already equal their Starfield with her. You can stop in the stupid and look in any direction, your eye amazes and pleases. On the screen, the world itself lives and plays real life.
My expectations were overstated, as I expected to see the semblance of Mass Effect, or something like that. But here everything is much more banal. In fact, a lot of things and it is unnecessary and stupid.
If you demolish all the games with a PC and leave only Starfield then you can play one in it. But seeing so much cool, and what else is coming. Saiberpank Fantom Liberty. That well, where is this Starfield. In general, so far past.

You see, and saw a mass effect, and people wanted an elite with a plot

The elit with the plot of Dviglo must be changed, the current feces can only be loaded.

No need to vacuum everything, there 90% of items are made for an interesting environment. This is only in the gazebo games and no one else has (for which thanks to her). In fact, you take only a gear from corpses (not all) and clothes made of yellow chests, safe, preferably colored. The main grandmas in the game are made not by vacuum cleaning, but with the help of tasks from boards, mining resources using bases, smuggling.

Author why are you so illiterate? You even read the news yourself?

So he or she Hello? Really machine translation as if I was reading

This is a machine translation

In Starfield you can travel between planets without fast movement, but it will take a lot of time

Yes, so great, took off from one planet and to work. Three years later came!🤣

In fact, in space it works:

"Theoretically, on the fastest space vessel, it will turn out on Mars in the shortest way for 941 hours (40 days). Over the average distance, the flight time of the rocket to Mars will be 3,879 hours (162 days). If both planets are at the maximum distance from each other, the path will take 289 days."

Another thing is that it is too boring, from such a slow movement, the effect is created that we are standing still, as the comrade noted correctly, the x1000 mod would not interfere here to accelerate the speed of flights, it is to accelerate the button, otherwise the combat gameplay on the ships will turn into porridge