In patches 1.48 for Euro Truck Simulator 2 will be completely redone Hamburg

SCS Software developers received a lot of questions about whether the popular city of Hamburg will be rebuilt. And now it is officially confirmed that Hamburg will receive a completely new view in update 1.48 for Euro Truck Simulator 2!

Founded in the 9th century, Hamburg quickly became an important shopping center due to its profitable position on the Elba River and access to the Northern Sea. For centuries, Hamburg has flourished as a key member of the Hanseatic Union, an influential medieval trade union. His success as a shopping center led to economic prosperity and cultural development, attracting merchants and artists from around the world. Today Hamburg remains an important economic center with one of the most loaded ports in Europe and the prosperous marine industry.

Having paid more attention to the local port, after the restoration of Hamburg from scratch, this noisy port city fascinates with its grandeur and splendor, offering not only an increased size with Mashener Kroyz, but also a delightful travel along the Kölbrand bridge. While the main attention of the developers was focused on covering the essence of the city, Hamburg opened many new surprises, such as the presence of towers near the gas stations, where the cardboard team made stops during a small research expedition.

Hamburg is completing a list of German cities that will receive a new look in the upcoming update 1.48

It may be enough to update? it may be better to finish the card to the end and then update the small

The territories can be expanded endlessly, and so part of the team is engaged in Revorcom, part makes new DLS (territories), every year for DLS, with the exception of the past. And then they finished it completely last year, but decided not to let it out.

Well, how endlessly, to finish Europe to the end and then update the quiet I would not mind to drive Greece

Swarm Promods and NOW

why do I need an unofficial card so with jambs?

And where is the jambs?

Still not prevented the chipsters from reducing to reduce, otherwise any turn on the highway is almost not possible 00x Igrodelov. Then about detail and realism did not so steam. Well, there was nothing to compare with, but now it is immediately noticeable from the Baltic states or Bulgaria.

it would not have been prevented by the chipsters to reduce, otherwise any turn on the highway is practically not possible, it is rarely possible to find where to turn back. Although it is clearly seen that in the early version of the game, another 2012-13 could turn out in many places. By the way in the ATS, the roads are almost not fenced. Although he went out in 2016 when ETS2 was already processing a map and new DLS appeared.

and somehow it is worth adjusting the barriers of random accidents. when the gender of the interpretation is blocked and turn left with this or a stroke, it is not possible. In ATS you can sink along the virgin lands, and in ETS2 roads like corridors everything is blocked. and bypass excess 300-500 km.

As an option to add different small and even soil regional roads. Indeed, in real life, the map is dotted with different other roads on which you can go around and even cut.

Disable these events – I don’t want at least what a variety.

The cities in the game are represented very meager, of course, I understand that the scale of the map is not 1 to 1, but the cities are too small and not realistic

Why make large cities, there is enough industrial suburbs.

And as for me, just those cities that have already been redone look quite large relative to the scale of the game. Yes, there is still a feeling that you are going along the industrial zone, then sharply the center, 3 houses and again industrial zone. But on the other hand, this is still a trucker simulator, and not a taxi driver, truckers go along the tracks, and taxi drivers in cities)

Yes, there is this, it is compared to Train Simulator Classic where all 1 to 1 is very realistic. but also the size of the game with all dopes about 240 GB. Personally, I have 110 GB. But if a section of 300 km of Duc is exactly 300 km and go on something slower TGV, then it will take a 2.5-3 real time hours

It seems to me that most gaming companies should follow the examples of these guys – after the release of the game and several patches, do not score on the game, but continue to finish it.It is clear that in real life no one will do this, but honestly I would really like.

Something some kind of example of such.. The game is stomping on the spot and for years (!) do nothing of the fact that as if it is logically asking for the game

By itself. The gameplay was essentially in my modest gaze empty and remained.Then the headlights are redone, then traffic lights and t.D.I mean just like an approach.Well, let’s say the same gazebo instead or parallel with Fallut 76 supported 4 falls just as long.Adding regularly new content, small updates, etc.D.

Ah, if regarding the support of projects with all sorts of jokes – then, yes, I agree

Well, for example, a couple of things that are straight under the door of the developers and break into the game?

Pair? OK. Tandems and expansion and renewal of Scandinavia (and Great Britain)