For PCs, Arpg is announced with the open world Clash: Heroes of Feralia Terra

Athens (Greece) The developer of the Ind-IGR Artnroll Games announced that Arpg with the open world Clash: Heroes of Feralia Terra is in development for PC. This future adventure role -playing game with the open world immerses players in the exciting Saga about survival and strategies in which they become heroic creatures fighting for protecting their world from ruthless alien invaders.

Clash: Heroes of Feralia Terra is a deep narrative about Feralia Terra Feratia. Players cross a variety of biomes, from thick forests to insidious mountains, where survival is of paramount importance, and each solution has consequences. Travel over ancient ruins, reveal hidden secrets and ruin the fate of this fascinating world, woven into a confused plot, filled with intrigues and knowledge.

The game brings an unprecedented game process, combining dynamic actions with strategic battles. Players open ancient power, turning into their wild form and releasing unique abilities that enhance them for the upcoming battles.

Thanks to a variety of arsenal of weapons and skills that can be chosen and improved, as well as the possibility of confront colossal creatures in epic battles with bosses, Clash provides an exciting and dynamic gameplay.

Exciting skill embodies Feralia Terra in life. From bright landscapes, abounding with unique flora and fauna, to carefully worked out characters and their visually staggering transforming forms, the game is evidence.

Clash: Heroes of Feralia Terra offers a comprehensive character setting system that allows players to create heroes corresponding to their unique game style. Players can choose the role of single warriors who challenge the desert, or conclude alliances with friends and allies to overcome upcoming tests, providing experience that will satisfy the preferences of each player.