Exodus, cosmic RPG from Bioware veterans, acquired new details

During The Game Awards 2023 ceremony, one of the most interesting announced games was Exodus – the first project of Archetype Entertainment, founded by BioWare veterans to create excellent role -playing games. This science fiction role-playing game, in which the actor will play Matthew McConahi, now received several interesting news thanks to a session of questions and answers with its creators.

As it turned out, Exodus will be created according to the Mass Effect model with a voiced protagonist. Moreover, the developers will try to create several different endings that will be of great importance for choosing. One of the basic principles of the game will be the variety of companions. Exodus will not have a linear plot, which will allow players to freely explore the environment.

One of these companions will be the character of actor Matthew McConahi, who will become a mentor for players. When creating a project among the sources of inspiration, films such as "Interstellar" And "Dune", as well as past IP, which the developers worked on, including Baldur’s Gate, Star Wars and Dragon Age.

According to Exodus, people are oppressed in a centaurian cluster, being at the very bottom of the food chain. The game will take place in the omega Centavler cluster – type "ancient and very unusual" galaxy, which was not chosen by chance. The developers also argue that they very seriously approached the issue of scientific justification of the game, using concepts such as a slowdown in time, and studying how everything works. They work closely with the authors of science fiction to create the best possible experience.

In Exodus, players have to take on the role "Traveler", an interstellar researcher who performs a mission to protect humanity, which is threatened by celestials, a hostile race of aliens. Traveling through distant star systems, the player will have to explore the planets, resist the celestials and find a solution to the problems facing humanity.

So far, Exodus has no release date, but they promise to release the game on PC, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S in the near future.