Digital Extreme showed a new gameplay trailer for The Duviri Paradox for Warframe

The free addition of The Duviri Paradox to the Warframe game will be released in a few hours on all platforms (PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series S | X and Nintendo Switch).

Unlike previous extensions with the open world, such as Plans of Eidol and Heart of Deimos, The Duviri Paradox has Roguelike, strictly connected with the narrative.

The split planet Duviri is constantly changing due to the changeable mood of her children’s ruler, the Dominus of Trucks, whose spirals include fear, anger, joy, envy and sadness. Each of these moods was developed in order to ensure various impressions of the battle, interaction, environment and even the behavior of enemies. The world of Duviri is also full of side activities, including a board game with NPC.

Digital Extreme showed a new gameplay trailer.

On the plain with Poy, the most supported free game with a ton of content and not bad mechanics. Districts can only dream of this.

So far I like everything.It looks very good!!

Soon let’s see what we have prepared there. Otherwise many of the latest updates are felt as tasteless content and.

Passed "quest". (More tutorial) complex. home "A stick in the wheel" – Oak fighter of a wanderer. Sometimes he stucks in animation and does not quite roll up from attacks, which is damaged.

Well, and so, in general, a very good addition to the game. Not to say that "already ah!", but not quite broken bottom. Grind (a couple of hours a day) for a couple of weeks – maybe even less, if booster falls – secured.

I admit, there are bugs and problems with the balance and nifiga are not small, but if there is someone to do with a pair at the mission, then you will have fun after the main quest.

We sat with a friend for an hour and a half, stuffed their abilities until the Skitalet began to run around the whole card on foot in a couple of minutes, and the mobs did not begin to die only from the fact that the Persian was standing nearby. Cleaned everything: every bush, every mob, every pebble. They laughed like horses all the way. ))) In short, we had a good time.