Diablo 4 Cosmetics Cosmetics is suitable for any class

The upcoming cosmetics from combat pass to Diablo 4 will not be limited to one class, but will take into account all possible types of body. Although Diablo 4 players and rested on microtransactions, basic gaming outfits allowed them to realize a variety of characters’ concepts. Unlike to pay $ 28 for armor, BP cosmetics in Diablo 4 can be obtained by spending $ 10 on a premium track and slowly passing levels for three months.

PSU will also award players with platinum, premium currency of the game, which actually means that they can acquire premium armor, patiently accumulating it during the year. It is still unknown how much Blizzard has received from microtransactions, but Diablo 4 digital purchases were beaten by several records, as the game is a commercial and critical success, even if some disadvantages still interfere with it.

In response to the tweet, which discussed the price of BP, the general director of Rod Fergusson said that cosmetics that will appear in the first season, as well as in any next season, will not depend on the class, which will be a positive difference from the Diablo Immortal system, where the PSU forced players choose equipment for only one class.

Although this, of course, is interesting news, many players hope that Blizzard will offer many simple cosmetics as a reward for BP, such as palettes of paints and player icons. No matter how fascinating the customs of the characters in Diablo 4 is, fans are looking forward to the appearance of a real black palette, and the community suggests that it will most likely appear in one of the upcoming seasons of the game.

I already see so many players with horses and skins from a magazine. Is popular)

I somehow did not notice (but the ghostly horse fell me and so, so I am satisfied, looks stylish, to me in high)

In the city I often see. The horse is visible immediately, but the skins sometimes catch your eye – Necra especially. I would bake the horse too, probably

It’s not noticeable at all. With such a camera, I only harness the horse and noticeable. That and. Most of it is from Beta, which was already lazy to close.

There is no desire (and the opportunity with such restrictions) to buy at least some skins at all. The character itself has half with "colorless" paint (if you take an analogy with D3), and half is a transmog from ordinary clothes, not even with the way.

statepades, their server do not work on weekends, what kind of skins

Tell me, I have passed all the parts, but I never played the season, a pity for the time spent, I like to keep the result, but in 4k I decided to try and the question is, the rewards received from the BP will be available on the character as usual in the usual mode of the game? That is, the season has passed, and the whole reward remained, the same? And will something be available from the already passed game, or everything from the clean sheet?

Do not hide your money in banks and angles.
Bring your money for our skins. lol
Divorce is in full swing – scream

The game is designed for 4 seasons? Well, or a maximum of 9 because! The first character Maine OK is played simply, but in the game of only 5 grades, the point of downloading in the 5th season of another main? If all the same to download classes again in every season then I have a question how to do it after the 9th season? In the account of a maximum of 10 Persians.

As for the store in the game, I will say it is useless: while the game is so fading, while there is no top -end vidiakha and 4K monitor, while the game does not have normal content in essence the same Diablo Immortal was more saturated at the event of the events and TP in Diablo 4 less content on start. The seasonality itself in Diablo 4 was taken with Poee error, It would be better for the content to the new DLC continent of the island of the new type of monsters new awards and TP developed and cosmetics and who nafig gave the sense of it 0 in the same wow, what was the transmogrification of what was in the most beautiful patches of the clothes, most of this TBC 2- oh addon mainly and store driving animals to chickens 😸 The game has a lot better than unicorns and any other eating, I understand the thick people thoughtlessly buy up everything, but the fact in the same wow people really drive the secret mounts with content and TP more than the seasonal PVP and there is a castor of pvp of tenders of aren In fact, and? And the sets of transmogrication from the store live on your character, how many week at best in the worst 1-3 days. It is nice that the awards will be bad for all characters that after the end of the season like (at the expense of platinum and the fact that you need to save a year on something standing on the other hand in the game a lot of content will be in the future to give external. Does it make sense to buy something in a store from a company that could not saturate Diablo 4 with the content of everything gray monotonously, I understand the gloom, but even what is currently in the store all the same color palette of meager red blue colors of even less yellow norms but green is really green, such a gray land with a rot, but never green black is not at all clean as well as white and even beige it . Think and make the right choice if you want to buy something in the store can better buy a BP, then it will give things better for the same money in the season. And when the external types of clothes you have a lot of eyes scatter, you are thinking, what for the flow I bought a stock if you can wear 1 set on yourself, as it were 2 for a variety. The people have a saying one head good, but two are no longer beautiful. Wow)

Midders were cheap, it was necessary for each separately. so that there are fewer skins, but at the same time pulling money from hamsters more

All this is useless if you need to download only seasonal heroes to get awards with BP.

And what else was expected from the seasons? Where did this nonsense come from about the fact that in the season there will be no need to create a new spell? it was always like that, and here the Newfags ran and unhappy, funny to her by God

What a little you carry. Everyone knew about seasons. But no one knew that the BP would only be in them. Now you are literally forced "Do you want a buns – go to the gnoveson". + Imagine the faces of the people that they bought a deluxe received a BP and they say they say they say for what you paid for only

Well, what’s the problem I like to play every season from the beginning, do not want to play another game

It is logical that BP will be attached to the season, I don’t know why I had to think otherwise. When buying it was written that it is a “seasonal military pass”. You need to watch that you buy. So it’s not me to carry nonsense, someone does not know how to read)

If D4 were bought only by those who played in D2 and D3, then perhaps such questions would not have arisen. But in fact, he is generally right. Blinds needed to immediately chew when buying everything that seasonal PSU means creating a new character in the season and beginning from scratch, roughly speaking

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