Closed beta version Path of Exile 2 will include the whole game

This week on Exilecon, the annual Grinding Gear Games Convention on Path of Exile, the announcement of Path of Exile 2 took place. Along with the demonstration of the third act, the developer confirmed that the sequel would be an independent game, and not updating the existing version. Closed beta testing is scheduled for June 7, 2024, and, apparently, fans will do something to do.

Gamdector Jonathan Rogers told IGN that the full version of the game will be available in closed beta testing, "To achieve the right balance at the start, because if you have already done something in a certain way, players really do not like to change this, in particular, towards reduction. Therefore, we must be sure that we will have a good beta version that will tell us everything we need to know about this".

If this was not enough, then the closed beta version will last throughout the league. "It will be not just one act or something like that. This will be the whole game, and we are going to hold it as much as the league, at least a few months, so that we know exactly what the economy looks like, how everything looks when everything suits. Because people need quite a lot of time to understand which things are most effective, what they should do".

By naming this game method "The most effective" And "The most fun", Rogers noted that it is necessary "Follow the balance of skills". "This will be a difficult task, but thanks to prolonged beta testing, we can solve it".

Thus, Path of Exile 2 is confirmed for a PC, although it can skip Xbox One and PS4 for the sake of Xbox Series X/S and PS5. This is a new six -act campaign with several new classes and ascendants. Also in the game 240 active skills, 600 different types of monsters, 1,500 passive skills and 100 bosses that you can fight (of which there is a spirit to a constant increase in characteristics). In addition, the game provides for support for a cooperative mode for six players.