ARCHEAGE 2 leaves the past interfraction PVP to attract Western consolers, and focuses on PVE and GVG

Today, the South Korean company Kakao Games announced its quarterly financial results and during the conference with investors shared some new details about Archeage 2.

The MMORPG announced last year will differ from its predecessor in that the publisher of KAKAO Games and the developer XL Games make it specifically for Western players, taking into account users of consoles, while the first game was a purely South Korean PC MMO. As a result, the large-scale fractional PVP was refused, and more attention is paid to the plot PVE content (single game and cooperative for small companies passing dungeons). At the same time, PVP-boys will remain between the guilds, mainly concentrated on trade operations. Kakao Games plans to present the game at the Gamescom 2024 exhibition and hold a closed beta testing at the end of the same year.

Archeage 2 is radically different from its predecessor, which is a reflection of the habit of the Western market to a single -user console game filled with action. Instead, the main emphasis was placed on single -user content in which players enjoy the strategic seizure of fortresses with the help of complex inappropriate actions. In addition, the game contains a rich community-component: small parties and guilds are engaged in the passage of the dungeons and trade in specialized goods. In addition, the game has a campaign regime uniting conflicts and battles between the guilds engaged in trade, and those who strive for sabotage and robbery, as well as conflicts and changes in the main fractions and characters of the original plot in a full -fledged scenario. The game is developed in parallel for PCs and console platforms from the very beginning of development, and we will probably reveal more details and main elements of gameplay in various forms at the Gamescom exhibition next year. In addition, we plan to hold CBT in 2024.

With this schedule, Archeage 2 is unlikely to be released before the end of the year, as promised earlier. However, there is nothing unexpected in this, since the delay of games is a common thing for the industry.

According to information provided by Lineage Executive Producer Jake Song, MMORPG on the Unreal Engine 5 engine will improve the predecessor’s trading system: players will be able to create caravans alone, in small groups or large raids. In addition, the housing construction system will be expanded, which will allow players to create their own cities and even guilds.